Indie Games Directory, or The Travails of the Curious, Parte Ye Firste

edited February 2010 in Story Games

Recently inspired by a discussion in another thread:

Is there a centralized site where the cutting edge indy games are catalogued and linked to, places to buy or download if they're free? A lot of the time a simple Google search doesn't suffice because indy designers like pithy, straightforward names and those can be really hard to isolate. Particularly in threads like the Weird Indies, there are lots of games mentioned that people, for whatever reason, don't link to and it's almost impossible to turn things up on.

Now, I could just rant about people mentioning games in threads that they don't link to the first time, like reasonable people who know how to footnote, reference, and index, but I won't. Instead, I'll just peer curiously into the darkness and wonder if we have a reference text for this ship yet.


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