[Xenoraptor] Sharing a {pseudo-board}game, looking for feedback

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So, after years of talking about it, but never really doing any actual game design (apart from some small in-house stuff), I finally decided to just start working and get my gaming work out there. Here's my first official (not first in general) game, which was in part inspired by how standard playing cards are used in Jackson Tegu's Necromancer Shovelfight.

What's the game about? It's about a bunch of colonial marines sent into the shit to retrieve some data from a xenomorph-infested derelict ship (as the text itself notes, there's also inspiration from games like Space Hulk and others). It's about tension and adrenaline, about trying to deal with a threat, complete the mission and not kill your comrades in the process.
The game is collaborative, players are all marines, fighting the game. I guess there's also some Battlestar Galactica boardgame influence in there, although it isn't noted.

If you have some time on your hands and want to play a game (two players minimum, (although I believe it can easily be played solo if you're willing to play more marines at once) six maximum), please try this and tell me what you think. We only had one session with my friends and it was fun, but I want some more feedback.

What I'm looking for, specifically:
-any glitches, bugs or broken rules that are not immediately apparent but come up in play?
-are any of the marines overpowered compared to the others?
-is the game too easy or too hard based on how many players are there?
-simply, did you have fun? was it worthwhile playing? what did you like?
-places where the rules are not phrased well or incomprehensible

Here's the Mediafire link. One file contains the rules, the other contains the "character cards" and tokens you can use for the game.

What you'll need:
-the above files
-a deck of playing cards with two jokers
-at least one d6
-some minis or tokens to distinguish player characters (currently not included)
-two paperclips for each player*

*The paperclip thing is a gimmick I stole from John Harper, you can play without it by noting your Adrenaline and Wound levels with a pencil or something.


  • Oooh, this is going on the "short stack"...
    ie, things to read as soon as i'm not too tired to understand what i'm reading.

    I like me some card laying mechanics, that's for sure!
    & glad that old necro shove has given you some inspiration, Gregor!
  • Thanks, Jackson. I've been wanting to use a random "auto-map" mechanic, like in old dungeon-crawling videogames. When I read your game it was a sudden flash of "of course! cards!".

    I already noted some problems in the text myself, but I'm too busy to provide errata right now. One of the things I forgot to fix is what happens when there are multiple Xeno and Fire tokens on the same black card, because that is something that couldn't have happened in an earlier version.

    I think that the basic card-laying mechanic could easily be used for many other types of games. I intend to test it for a Diablo-like dungeon run some day (red joker is "stairs up", black is "stairs down", stop laying cards when you reach the black one, start new level).

    Oh, and I realize grammar and layout are ass, english is not my first language and I don't really have the skills. It's a playtest anyway. I hope you will enjoy it.
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