Havoc: Playtesters Needed.

Havoc: Aerial Battles In The World Of Hoard is going to start needing playtesters within the week. It's 2+ players, a straight-up combat game of fightin' dragons. To be a playtester, you need to have:

-A willingness to read about ten pages of densely-written (but not terribly complex) rules.
-The capacity to print two pages out of a PDF.
-A big pile of six-sided dice - like, seven or eight at a minimum.
-Pencils, and possibly a stack of tokens if you'd like to re-use sheets.
-At least one other person you can sit down with for an hour or two to play.
-The desire to give feedback.
-The understanding that you will be playing a draft rule-set. There WILL be screwy things.

If this interests you, or have questions you can email me (Levi.Kornelsen@gmail.com), or just say something here.


  • And, drafts have been sent out.

    If you wanted to get in, but didn't get one, let me know. Gmail was horrible, and bounced email for at least one person trying to reach me yesterday, but is back in order.
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