[GHOST/ECHO] {Camp Nerdly 3} Betrayal in New Hong Kong

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I tried all weekend to get a game of GHOST/ECHO going at Nerdly. Luckily, I have a very fun philosophy that games will happen when they happen and didn't worry over it.

Sunday morning I finally was able to wrangle three people together and we got to work. I can remember them all now, not due to notes, but due to those cool name tags that Clinton made. Jeff Willis, Phil Walton, and Eppy McEppenstein. I was going to give a blow by blow of the story we made but I think I'll simply address the rules and techniques we used (and abandoned).

I began in with a discussion of cyberpunk/Matrix/Ghostbusters/Ghost in the Shell to make sure we had some solid points between us before we dove in. Happy with that, I went over the document telling everyone that we were going to make a game based solely on our interpretations of the sheet in front of us. I interpreted one picture on there as a crowded Hong Kong market so we went with New Hong Kong as the setting. We decided that the characters were previously members of an elite government group devoted to exploring "the other side". I sort of introduced an idea I had elsewhere of science trying out a new medium of telecommunication only to find a fully formed network going, complete with its own residents (Ghosts, a term for any current resident of the other side). The other side allowed for not only paranormal-enhanced hacking (defeating security by literally moving through it) but that, based on it, a sort of hyper augmented reality was the norm (along with tons of cybernetic parts in most humans). All "noise" involved in hacking were Echoes. We decided that the characters were previously members of a government group devoted to exploring the other side and were now criminals running their own high level jobs (kind of like being the only Shadowrunners in the world). This group called themselves the Wraiths. This, I think, is probably a unique twist for the game! We then chose characters (I was GM at this point and didn't take a character) and figured out that the other two characters (Demon and Hull) were traitors, and that Hull was our base! I had each player describe their character and how they looked. I also asked them what they were good at in this job of theirs. This became their extra die for when it came into play. I kind of wish I hadn't done that though, as only one player was failing his rolls and the game lost its teeth.

In the beginning, I also told them that there was no inherent play structure. We decided to try a Shock style GM to your left thing after a while. I took Demon for a while, but in the end this structure failed due to poor cues in game and us all being worn out on the last morning. I took back over as a GM and it worked a lot better. I tried to only use places and names on the list and that worked well.

We used Fudge dice (since I had tons) and this worked pretty well. However, I think I made the consequences for rolls too specific and I couldn't easily come up with the mixture results the system brings. We muddled our way through, though, and had a fun time at it.

I'm sure there are parts I can elaborate on. Let me know if you want a drill down on anything specific.


  • First of all, what a great setup! Good stuff.
    Posted By: Mark CauseyI kind of wish I hadn't done that though, as only one player was failing his rolls and the game lost its teeth.
    Can you expand on this a bit?

    I know you can get a bonus die if you are "well prepared" for something. Was this on top of that die? Did the game lose it's teeth because the players were playing to their characters strengths and nothing else, or was there some other factor?
  • No, just the addition of one "preparedness" die skewed the results to + + (5-6, 5-6) way too often. We didn't have much time to play, though (about 2 hours), so with more time it might have evened out.
  • That's a cool setup, Mark. The first time with PC wraiths, that's for sure.

    "Well prepared" should be a rare thing in the world of GHOST/ECHO. I imagine people dream about such a circumstance, like seeing Shangri-La, or getting a tax refund.

    I'd like to hear more about consequences being too specific.
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