Conspiracy of Shadows - First Time Advice?

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I'm thinking of running Conspiracy of Shadows Revised pretty soon. Any advice for first time play?


  • I'm all ears, too. CoS has been on my must-play list lately.
  • Um, we've been using to play a game set in the world of Warhammer (I guess I can quietly mention our wiki here... which has the rules drifts and APs on it, as well as a load of setting stuff). Anyway... I guess we created characters and our cell (a City Watch-house and its associated allies, resources, etc.) together. Steve, the GM, then went away and started working on our NPCs (as did we I guess, using the wiki). Then in play we didn't try to do everything at first. It was pretty much playing our characters and finding our feet in the world at first -- we started with a murder, of course (crisis is a good way to kick off CoS). We then had a short fight in Week 2, I think, and a duel in Week 3 where two of the players tried a lot of the maneouvres to get a handle on them. We used them all in the finale of our first arc (which was Session 7). So, yeah, I found it easiest to take in bits at a time.

    Steve just turned the screw week-to-week and we really started to click when we started using Doom to win conflicts. But we found that worked best for us once we'd had normal conflicts first -- so we had a sense of what we could likely win/lose on our own merits. We also put some rules in about buying up Stats and linking the stats you could buy up to your Doom (i.e. you could only buy up Stats at 3 once your Doom was at 2, Stats at 4 once your Doom was at 3, and so on. I think that's how we did it...).

    Anyway, it was pretty good for Warhammer and Steve has booted our Dooms up 1 after the first arc, so the second will start with more crises looming.
  • Uh. Wow, Gregor. I was actually thinking of using CoS for WFRP and there you have it, tied with a nice pretty bow.

    Thanks, brother!
  • Mark,

    Even if you are using the revised edition, I recommend looking at the current edition online. A big part of it is designed to make the game easier to play. The Playing the Game section and Conspiracy section in particular would be useful for hitting the ground running.

  • Fantastic, Keith, thanks!

    What's the latest status on Dirty Hands release?
  • Mark,

    Dirty Hands is essentially in an open Beta stage, but I haven't decided if I am going to release a print version or not. Right now I'm working on the Etymologiae.

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