Corpus Aristoteli-game; or, Drop Some Unsolicited Knowledge

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Some day, some random gamer is going to stumble across this thread and read your hard-earned words of wisdom. It could be an brash, iconoclastic story gamer or a die-hard traditionalist. It could be someone with thirty years of playing and designing experience or a young kid excited and nervous about the first ever game of D&D he's about to run for his equally clueless and excited buddies. It could be a historian from hundreds of years in the future trying to grok our quaint and baffling rituals by actually playing the silly things. You'll never know.

So what have you learned that you absolutely have to share with this unknown seeker of gaming knowledge?


  • There are more ways to enjoy RPGs than you think. Always. Awesome!

    There are also more ways to screw it up than you think. Always. Crappy!

    Never close your mind on these.
  • The Nixon Axiom:

    The third session is invariably the most rockingest.
  • Never judge a book by it's cover. Read it.
    Never judge a game by its text. Play it.
  • Fun and seriousness aren´t opposites.
  • As a response to Adam:
    Remember that what you play, and the text that inspired it, are very far apart.
  • There's nothing that will fix differing preferences -- no setting, no system, no tool or trick -- unless people are genuinely willing to experiment.
  • For the record, the title I picked for this thread was in no way intended as an insult towards Confucius, his philosophies, or any culture or individual influenced by those philosophies.
  • The Master replied, "Put yourself in other players' shoes. Then kick ass."
  • KS 14- Gaming Systems and Settings, Roll 3d6 under that.
    If in doubt add more d6s
  • Here's mine:

    Game in the Now!
    Focus your creative energies on the game session at hand; do everything you can to make it fun for both yourself and everyone else at the table. The campaign -- if you need one at all -- is nothing more than a life-support system for entertaining game sessions. Don't waste any more time or effort on it than is required to keep it doing its job.
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