Reporting In

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Greetings, comrades of the revolution.

I feel the urge to report, now that I am able to relax my cover, that my mission as a Forgista missionary to the sumps of traditionalist BadWrongFun have been fairly succesful over the years. I have been able to carry the gospel of GNS to many corners of the internet under the clever guise of generally disputing the details.

I am pleased to report that my recent masquerade as Chango Chi, notorious troll, has succesfully driven our arch-nemesis the RPGpundit to resign from his tenure at "enemy headquarters", theRPGsite, as posted today on his blog and on that site.

I will state my concern with the recent behaviour of agent Mearls. I was under the impression that he was "deep cover", and was expected to act subversively. However, over this last year, I have seen him openly spreading Narrativist techniques, without even the standard cover posture of "something I dug out of all that weirdness". This vexes me. I am vexed by this.

At present, I am undertaking a personal mission among the (turn, spit) traditionalist players of Dark Heresy, attempting to solve the minor rules problems of that game by introducing certain indie techniques to the common body of practice. I believe that I can report significant success on this front.

The rogues, Donoghue and Hicks, continue to suspect nothing.

Forward the Revolution!



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