Neverwinter Nights 1 - any takers?

Dwarven F/T seeks adventuring party for killing orcs, getting of pie. Enjoys short load-times, pwnage. Non-hardcore play preferred. Scheduling for weekly/biweekly play for 1-3 hours ideal. Will ninja for gold.


  • Oh.... this is cool. You hosting the game or do you need someone else to do it? Also, are you looking for a GM'd game or going to run through automated modules?

  • Automated or GM'd, I don't care. I guess I am willing to host? I don't really know what's involved yet.
  • The only thing I've ever done with the online component of NWN is to talk in character in fantasy taverns. Once, when I rp-ed being drunk, I went outside and killed a goblin. Then I came back and told more stories.

    So if you rack that up, I'm totally in.

  • Hosting just means you need a connection and a machine hefty enough to run both the server and a client. If you have a separate machine to run the server, even better. I only asked because I've got a machine and a connection that should handle the load easily. I'll look for some modules to download. Why don't you do the same.

    When would you like to schedule this?

    Andy, you'd better be in! NWN with you would be awesome on toast. ***translation for Graham: NWN with you would be quite nifty.

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    I played NWN1 multiplayer weekly for about two years, and tried quite a few modules. If you're looking for recommendations, we really enjoyed the following:-

    Adam Smith's Shadowlords series, starting with The Message. (Shadowlords is a 5-part module chain, and lots of fun. There are sequels, too, which are highly regarded. I thought they were less fun than the originals, being much more cut-scene driven and interrupted by fancy scripting that seems to struggle against the game's boundaries)

    Baldecaran's Cave of Songs. (You need to stick together at the start for this one, but it's a good, solid adventure).

    Bioware's own Witch's Wake. (Intended to be the start of a campaign that never happened. Good stuff, though.)

    Island Adventures turned out to be great fun despite a deeply unpromising beginning, too.

    The first expansion, the appallingly-titled Shadows of Undrentide, is fab multiplayer, too. My wife and I had much fun with it.

    There's also Bone Kenning, which (a) isn't multiplayer, and (b) breaks if you use any of the more recent patches, but was the best goddamn NWN module I ever played, including all the official campaigns and Premium modules. I mention it purely form a sense of surging nostalgia. A grim tale of a young Necromancer from an ancient tradition, trying to take up the mantle and responsibilities of his forebears. You got to build your own skeletal minions from corpses you found - go to an iceflow, snap off the fingerbones of a man who died in it, and the minion you use them in deals extra cold damage. Give it the skull of a mad hermit, and it will know and see things which a normal minion couldn't. Bargain wit the beast-kings that once owed your family fealty. Decide whether to subjugate the local village, or rule them with an even, but iron, hand. Plus, fantastic spooky atmosphere.

    Have fun!
  • Let me see if I can find my old copy of this fantastic game...
  • Yay! We're going to have an online Story Games NWN Guild... um, Group... um, Thingie!

  • The word you're looking for is Party.
  • Yeah... that.
  • Anyone have days and times that are good for them?
  • I'm in Eastern U.S. time zone. A weekly or every-other-weekly schedule is best for me, for brief chunks of time (1-3 hours or so). Weekends tend to be better for me...
  • I'm also in the Eastern Time Zone and once a week or every other week is good for me too. Friday nights might be good. I'll have to check.
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    If I wanted to do this Neverwinter Nights thing, how much would it cost me? Just the game? Or is there a fee?

    What specs do I need to run it?
  • I bought it 18 months ago for $20 with all the expansion paks. I don't know if there's a monthly fee or not...
  • Nope, no monthly fee.

    $16 from Amazon for the game, both expansions, and the 1st three premium modules.
  • No monthly fee. You'll need a half-way decent gaming machine but nothing spectacular. The game is several years old now so almost anything new will run it with power to spare.

  • Hmm, consider me interested.
  • I'm out of commission this weekend, but I'd be interested in giving this a go sometime either later in November or in December.
  • I've got the game and all expansions. You know you can set up a persistent world server, right? :)
  • Yup. I know. I just don't have a box that I can dedicate to that at the moment.
  • Oh, hell, if there's room, I'm interested. I'll have to dig up my game disks somewhere.
  • For $20, I may just re-buy it to get those premium modules.
  • Okay. I'm playing with the game now just to see what stuff is out there. I've noticed that most of the modules that are rated as any good require the CEP v2.0 (Community Expansion Pack). So, once everyone gets their game installed with the two official expansions (Shadows of Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark) go to The Neverwinter Vault and download the CEP v2.0 executable file. Once it's downloaded it's essentially a 1 click installation.

    I'm happy to host the game unless someone has an extra server lying around and wants to host a Persistent World. While that would be uber-cool, it isn't necessary.

    Do we want to start a Blog or Email list somewhere or continue to communicate via this forum?

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    I'm down with whatever: Here, even.

    Biz'znatch of the Sundered Ziggurat, my Drow Elf She-Monk, will kick your asses... in tavern tales!

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    Can I be a fighter, sitting in a tavern, being boring?
  • It's a role-playing game: the only limit is YOUR imagination!
  • Posted By: James_NostackIt's a role-playing game:the only limit is YOUR imagination!
    Well, that and whatever the coders scripted into the game. However, I think Justin's request is easily fulfilled.

    Fighter.... check!
    Tavern.... check!
    Sitting.... check!
    Being bored... check!

    You're good to go.

  • Can he have a Key of Boredom and get more XP for being bored?
  • If there's a DM in the game he can get XP for anything... or if someone scripts it.

  • Fudge if I can figure out how to make time for this. I'm handy with the module-building tools, though. If someone comes up with some way to shoehorn something that makes me go, "WHOA! FUCKIN' AWESOME!" into a game which is essentially a Diablo clone shoehorned into the D&D 3.0 rules, I might be able to contribute in the way of module-building.
  • a game which is essentially a Diablo clone shoehorned into the D&D 3.0 rules

    You say that like it's a bad thing...
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