Joepub, why is your handle "Joepub"?

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You heard me. is it because you go to pubs, or you are a pub? Or is Joepub a kind of pub, like "brewpub" and so on? Do they just not know in Canada that "pub" is short for "public house" and not "Joseph Public house"? Seriously.

And yeah, that's right, you fucking suits! This shit is LIVE, unAUTHorized and REAL! Takin' the Joepub to the people! Just TRY and stop me!


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    Maybe it's because 'Joe' is a colloquialism for 'Tea' (as in 'a steaming cup of joe') so maybe it's a pub that only serves tea?

    What with all the 'Ask Joe' threads recently anyway? Are we on a Joe-Roll?

  • It may run deeper than that, as "tea" is a euphemism for "marijuana", which tells me his nick means he digs jazz.
  • Joe deserves all the roll he can get.
  • Posted By: DestriarchMaybe it's because 'Joe' is a colloquialism for 'Tea' (as in 'a steaming cup of joe') so maybe it's a pub that only serves tea?

    What with all the 'Ask Joe' threads recently anyway? Are we on a Joe-Roll?

    Where I'm from, it's a colloquailism for coffee.
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    Now, before I answer the question at hand, I'd just like to let you all know that I have a game that's on pre-order right now. It's called Ribbon Drive, and is far more interesting than my origin story.

    You should consider pre-ordering it, as the price might go up from $23 to $25 after pre-orders cease.

    Now, on to the topic at hand: In Kindergarten (which is like Grade 0.5; after pre-school and before grade 1), I was enrolled in the afternoon class. My single mother worked in the morning, so I got dropped off with a babysitter at 8am. Her name was Linda Schneider, and she had a son roughly 5 years older than me named Cade. He nicknamed me "Joe Public", and refused to explain what it meant. I would wake him up at 8am by barging into his room to play Super Nintendo, and he would curse me out and then shake his head and say, "Crazy Joe Public."

    Transitioning into high school, I was super socially maladjusted. I did anything for attention, was constantly attempting to get into fights with cooler kids - weird behaviour. Cade was in grade 12 at that point, and he started calling me "joepub" again. And while he did "pick on me" in a joshing-me kind of sense, he gave me lots of attention and if bullies in my grade messed with me he would step in and threaten them. That was this weirdly necessary thing that helped me move out of my awkward behaviour patterns. And the name joepub stuck during high school, after Cade left. And so I started using it as my email address, and it became a legacy (especially grades 8-11).

    Now, no one knows that or calls me that, the name feels dorky and stuff, but it's on a lot of my accounts.
    I've considered just creating new accounts with my full name - Joe McDonald.
    But the interesting thing there is that I'm planning on changing my name, legally, soon (Probably to Sudden Joe McDaldno). So that seems silly.

    That's the story of Joe Pub.

    And as for everything else,
    Pre-order Ribbon Drive.
  • Such a heartwarming story. And what a salesman he is, too.
  • What about "Ribbon Drive" Joe McRibbondrive?
  • Brennan,
    Cool question.

    The game was originally called "Long Road Nowhere." In my mind, this title was capable of conveying a bittersweet sense of finality - that those involved in the trip hadn't gotten anywhere, but hadn't needed to. It spoke to me about completeness, and the journey being the destination. Others thought it was morose and dumb.

    And so I thought for a long time. Jackson offered me the title "Perforated Miles", but I didn't quite sink my hooks into it (that title, by the way, is still coffeewrite Jackson Tegu). But I played around with the elements in it - perforated line, perforated ribbon, many miles, open miles.... dotted line, lane change, etc.

    I loved something about "perforated ribbon". The concept of the yellow line being a long, winding ribbon that laced about the world and tied it together (like a present) captivated me somethin' fierce. But "perforated ribbon" communicated nothing about road trips. It could be a game about seamstresses in turmoil, for all the audience would know (which is a different game I'm writing, called Seam Stresses. Totally not true. I'm lying). So, I moved to Ribbon Drive.

    Ribbon Drive felt like a road trip title. The ribbon left it a bit ephemeral, which I like. You got a sense of what the drive might be like. It fit.

    Months later someone told me "it sounds like you're writing a game about like, breast cancer awareness campaigns or something." And thus I was thrown back into indecision, and brainstormed many options - meridian, mix tape miles, winding ribbon, winding road, the long haul, the drive, open road... But I'd already played Ribbon Drive three times at that point, and all of the games were brilliant. I was attached to the title; I wanted that title. And so I decided that it was still right for me.

    And now it's available for pre-order.
  • I was wondering if Ribbon Drive was available for pre-order. Does anybody know?
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    Posted By: DestriarchWhat with all the 'Ask Joe' threads recently anyway? Are we on a Joe-Roll?
    Dear bandwagon:

    Hello. How have you been? Just a quick note to let you know I'm hopping on you. See you soon!

    Your friend,

    Aside from that--beats me, Ashok. Though I think Ribbon Drive might be available for preorder. I dunno.
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