[Pirates] Things they want to do to each other.

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(This is for a Larp)

Here's the basic situation:

There are pirates, which also includes piratical "support staff" in the form of dirty merchants, rum-distillers, persons of negotiable affections frequented by same, and so on. On a carribean island. There is a town here, which for various reasons is not currently claimed by anyone else; the non-pirates are mostly Dutch and slaves. There is magic (think Santiera and Candomble, if I'm not getting too tricksy).

These pirates, they must interact with each other for several hours and produce drama. Therefore, they must want to do various things with and to one another, and not be in perfect accord about those things.

Everything else is open to "make up whatever you like".

Tell me about a pirate, and what they want to do to or with another pirate. If others have posted, feel free to make their pirates the one motivated or the target of the action.


  • RyRy
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    Douglas Harsher, known for his horribly disfigured flesh (he was doused in burning oil by his old boatswain) and terribly grim statements. He is constantly muttering about fucking, murdering, and torturing the people around him. Nobody likes him, but they like his gold, which he misers out, mostly for rum. So no one pays attention to him. His old boatswain is in town, and he wants to leave him a disfigured, crippled wreck.
  • Posted By: Ryan Stoughton(he was doused in burning oil by his old boatswain)
    Good lord. What happened there?
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    Grim Jolly, a cruel and tyrannical boatswain, is known for enforcing an iron code of discipline on the ships on which he serves.

    Formerly a Royal Navyman on board the Pride, Grim Jolly watched several richly-born captains promoted upwards, usually based on the perfect order of their crews. It was on the Pride, incidentally, where Jolly Kincaid earned the nickname "grim", serving alongside Jolly Brown, who was thereafter called "True Jolly". The circumstances under which Grim Jolly left the service are unclear, but are likely tied to the legendary pirate-hunter Sir Lawrence Crow, whose glorious tale seems unendingly interwoven with Grim's.

    Grim's presence on a pirate ship is often a mercenary endeavour, undertaken by a pirate captain who is dissatisfied with the constant shifting and mutineering and "democracy" that marks life aboard a ship under the black flag -- in fact, he is most often hired by captains who were once mutineers themselves. He is known for his love of the whip, as well as more creative punishments. He believes in Old Testament justice -- an eye for an eye; a crewman who strikes another crewman has his wrists tied behind his back, and is then hoisted by those wrists into the masts, with Grim Jolly's unsmiling face pulling the line taut. The less said about the unfortunate bastard who dropped a lit brand in the pitch barrels used for sealing the hull, the better.

    Crews under Grim's lash often sail better for a brief time, until attrition and morale loss takes their toll, and he is left ashore following an inevitable murder attempt. When he was younger, he dodged these with grace and ease, but Grim Jolly is no longer a young man, and he bears the scars of the knives, cutlasses, and gaffs that have come closer and closer to ending his horrible life.
  • Recently, Grim has been hired on the Isle by a woman of means - a drunken, but wealthy, woman, known generally around town as "Lady LaMarsh", though her name is likely pronouced somewhat differently.

    The Lady has set Grim to the task of seeking out the magicians of the island, and determining if any of them possess power significant enough to match her needs. The various heretics, witches, and shamans, of course, want to be sought out - but few have any desire to see their power "measured"; they want to know the task, and will say yes or no based on THAT.

    The task is the resurrection of the lady's stillborn son. She won't be telling them this.
  • RyRy
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    Posted By: deadlytoqueThe less said about the unfortunate bastard who dropped a lit brand in the pitch barrels used for sealing the hull, the better.
    Why was there a lit brand on the deck? Because it was a fucking battle, and we got rammed. A man can lose his damn footing. If you don't understand that you deserve to have your eyes pulled out with a fishhook, you dumb cunts.
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