And just to illustrate I _can_ lighten up...

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Sweet Holy Crap, Weapons of The Gods is making me do an embarrassing dance of joy. It is driving me to stand out in the mist with smokers discussing the awesomeness of Lore Sheets. it is stealing from my sleep as I argue about which bits of Exalted text could be lifted whole cloth as lores. It is leaving me paralyzed n contemplation of a working version of the Godlike dice mechanic. It gives me things to steal by the truckload, and makes me resent any and all work I have to get done out of a desire to run it, and it frustrates me to no end since I'm going to have to wait at least a week before i get to actually play.

It has also burned the Anime Mullet (Animullet?) into my brain. I'm less happy with that.

But it has really been a while since I've been this excited about a game, and thus, I explode with content-less joy.

-Rob D.


  • Have you chanced upon the fan kung fu?

    In many cases it's way cooler (in my opinion) than the stuff in the book.

    Also, I love loresheets.

  • Only picked it up on Thursday, so I'm still absorbing before I start hitting the Fan stuff, but I'm looking forward to it. The system seems wonderfully suited for that kind of plug in.

    And yeah, if lore sheets were peanut butter, I would NEVER STOP LICKING THIS BOOK. One of the best bits of gaming tech I've ever seen, and in ways that completely surprised me. Never before has boring setting information been _less_ boring (Though the excellent writing also helped with that)!

    -Rob D
  • That said, and Fan Kung Fu sites you'd suggest?
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    And yeah, if lore sheets were peanut butter, I would NEVER STOP LICKING THIS BOOK.

    Wait. You mean you'd start licking, and not stop?

    Or, you'd continue the licking already in progress for an indefinite period?

    Because, uh, okay, dude.

    --Backs away slowly.--

    (Damn this lack of smilies!)

  • Maybe that's why the pages are sticking together!
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    The WotG Wiki is a...sorta okay place that could use some more traffic; two of the styles I wrote are there:

    The forum has a thread that links to the various styles that posters have written; passengerpigeon's Anvil Breaker is a favorite of mine.

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    So, it's been a year. Are folks still loving WotG?

    Unfortunately, due to an RPGNet Sales Accident, I accidentally mailed both my copies to a dude who bought one; and even though I paid to have it shipped back, it was never shipped. :-(

    On one hand, I loved a lot of the ideas it had, especially on generating situation/relationships, the lore sheets and the like. However, I couldn't get over the fact that, unless everyone owned the book, it was extremely hard to create characters and GO! right off the bat. Even if everyone had it, at first I was of the opinion that you didn't need to read all the Loresheets to make a character... later, I realized that it might be that you did have to read all the Loresheets to make a character.

    Still love a lot of ideas behind it, but haven't found the opportunity to play yet.

  • That's a good question. I know two of the guys in my group raved about it non-stop for months ... and then never ran it. They're onto Qin now, which will probably go the same way.

    Anyone else actually got to play WotG? Still in love?
  • I enjoyed reading the book, the setting is gorgeous and I LOVE the lore sheets (although some sections of the rules managed to give me a massive headache)... but the amount of prep work required to run it and the fact that all players are essentially required to own/have read the book in order to play it... completely disqualified it for my group.

    Also, when I tried to describe it to them, my players started rolling their eyes and doing bad Dragon Ball Z impersonations.

    *Twitching eyes* "His power level is... over 50,000! That... that... isn't possible. Ahh...ahhh....ah..."
    "Of course, you were only winning because I have yet to reveal my eigth true form! MAXIS TRANFORM, LEVEL 8!!!!!!"

    That sort of stuff :)
  • Dirk, I totally agree.

    WotG is a great game to mine for ideas (loresheets being one of them) but mechanically it has serious problems.

    I've played it twice and tried to run it once. The thing has square wheels.
  • I really liked what I played of it but I'm not sure if I would have been able to get a session out of the index-free book on my own. Storn GMed it and we went with pre-made characters.

    The Lore Sheets and dice mechanics are dead sexy.
  • I disagree about the dice mechanics. The dice mechanics are cute, not sexy; yeah, they look good, but they're not really mature.
  • I'm so playing this like next month or something. The dice mechanics are SO HOT yes. I agree with Judd entirely on this.

    Pity about the art.

  • Posted By: shreyasI'm so playing this like next month or something. The dice mechanics areSO HOTyes. I agree with Judd entirely on this.Pity about the art.
    How so? (re: Art Pity)

    Also, plz post at least a brief summary of what happened (here, on your LJ, whatever: Doesn't have to be a traditional big fat "actual play" mess), cause I really want to see what people have done with it in play.


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    Oh, I just don't find it very appealing is all.

    edit: also, yes, i'll totally post.

  • It's definitely not a pick-up-and-go game. There's just too much to remember about what your various kung-fu abilities do. If you're into the secret arts, there's a huge need for a table that summarized what the hell you can actually do, without any fluff around it.
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