[PTA] Do you expend Edges and Connections outside of conflicts?

edited June 2009 in Story Games
After reading Vincent Baker's post on Lazy Play vs IIEE with Teeth, I reread PTA and found a little rule that I'd never seen before, or at least certainly never played with. Traits can be used to accomplish something really well, to do better than expected, etc, as well as checked for an extra card in a conflict. Both of these count toward number of uses, and once you're out of uses of a trait, to use it again you've got to spend Fanmail (or refresh it). When I played no one ever checked off a trait except during a conflict.

Am I reading the rules right? I didn't see anything that assigns responsibility for saying during free narration "Hey, don't you think that's a use of Rocketbike?" Is it the Producer's job? The player's? Once you're checked out of Rocketbike, it also seems to mean that you should cut way down on Rocketbike narration, 'cause you can't check it for an awesome result.
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