[Stabbing Contest] Episode 26 with Luke Crane.

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At long procrastinated last my episode with Luke is up. We talk about Burning Wheel and Mouse Guard, as well as retro games that still rule, social issues at the table, and gardening.

I'm really happy with this one, even if I did have to string several files together because skype was being a wilfull child that day.



  • The last bit on your podcast about social contract is particularly resonant to me right now. One of my gaming groups had a player leave the game because they aren't getting what they want from Burning Wheel. I was getting exactly what I want from that same game, and I had a moment of disconnect because I realized at that point how different our tastes were.

    I'm beginning to see it happen with another player as well. He has mentioned more than a few times he finds Burning Wheel "exhausting". Again, I feel a disconnect between myself and that person, because I find that the exact same system to be incredibly energizing and invigorating.

    I find that in my social circles there are a lot of unspoken social rules that can make it quite difficult to pick and choose players. If you pick person A, then you have to exclude/include person B or person A won't play. That sort of stuff.

    Anyhow, it got me thinking, and thank you for that, good sir!
  • RyRy
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    Said by: Ogre"You just roleplay it out!" Okay, so what you say is you're a big, blustering asshole until we give you what you want? That's not roleplaying it out.
  • Interesting listen, Clint (and Luke).

    One thing I wanted to comment on, in relation to your dislike of con gaming: it's all in the game description. I used to worry about making numbers or being inclusive, with game descriptions. Now, I don't pull punches: I tell exactly what sorts of game type it is, what maturity level I require (if I do), and the overarching themes it will address with my expectations for how they will be dealt with by the players. it might (might, rarely) cost me a participant or two, but I have FAR more satisfying play experiences, now, by being direct (and even a bit forceful).

    And unless there's money involved (i.e. Gen Con), it's totally OK to say, "OK, man, I think that's enough. thanks for trying, but I think you're hurting the game and I'd like you to leave." After a significant glance (or brushing aside) or some other relatively face-saving way of expressing impropriety. But that's SO rare, now that folks know what experience I am trying to deliver (because of my descriptions). In short: the same social contract stuff you closed with, come to think of it. :)

    I think there's a common misconception that GMs at cons are some kind of service provider. It's for the best if newcomers are disabused of that notion promptly and firmly.

    Anyhow, I'm sure you realize all this. I guess I just wanted to encourage you to run more at cons--if nothing else, to offer more than d20/D&D to the first-timers!
  • Not that I'm trying to push anything, but it seems that Trail of Cthulhu may answer some of the problems you guys have with Call of Cthulhu.
  • Thanks Clint, I enjoyed this!
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    Yeah, perhaps the best episode of SC yet. Luke is always a blast to listen to, but I really enjoyed the back-and-forth between you two. Like he said, you're both egomaniacal attention whores :)

    I especially liked the talk about "lonely fun," and just all the talk about your lives and how it relates (or not) to gaming. It's nice to hear Luke not pitching something and not very directed. He's best rambly.

    Favorite quote: "you very gamely, you know, you went at a nice, relaxed, kind of a hundred-and-five percent while you demonstrated the move. You went through a nice top-speed run through, for the first time."

    I laughed, like, out loud, seriously.
  • I wish the status of Free Market was on the list of questions

    I don't care if there was no list :)
  • Huh, now that I think about it, it's odd that that didn't come up.
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