[Stabbing Contest] episode 025 with Zeke from Brilliant Gameologists.

We talk about a lot of things, some of them even games. There's some good stuff about Sign in Stranger, Shock, and Jiffycon.



  • Sweet.

    Heh. The designer Zeke couldn't remember was me. I'm glad he had a good time, given that it seems Delve is very much not his type of game. He certainly contributed plenty; I still remember his character vividly! I agree with him on the GM-heaviness of that session; I couldn't come up with another way to do a one-shot. Delve really isn't a one-shot game, and in normal play with my home group, I back way the fuck off. In a way, though, Zeke pegged my design challenge: help other GMs to do what I do.

    Pardon my obsessing over the one minute of the podcast that includes my game. Everyone: Zeke's brainstorm about a game of English boarding school factions is way more entertaining!
  • I do the same thing with the things I'm designing, so it's all good. Hey, do me a favor, if you've got a design blog, dedicated thread, website or whathaveyou, pop over to the site and comment it to that episode.
  • Done. I have a site in development and a blog, so I linked 'em both.

    Thanks for showcasing the links! I'm gonna check out Atarashi now...
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