Cracker barrel: whites in RPGs

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In this thread, we shall attempt to analyse the typical behaviours of white people, so that we can all portray them more faithfully in RPGs.

White people are some of the most unaware of colour, perhaps because of their own washed-out appearance. My research to date indicates that it is always white people who are most surprised by the discovery that their coloured friends have undergone racist treatment.

The white male has a particular way of standing, particularly in the presence of other males. Typically, the chest protrudes and the belly deflates. The voice tends to deepen. Often a hand will seek the belt or a pocket.

The white female raises her voice in the presence of other females, and the tone goes up sometimes by an octave.

White people tend to be hyper-aware of body space.


  • The whites of the white diaspora appear to share the same basic culture and values. They identify with other white cultures strongly, though this is by no means universal. I myself have met white people who were highly critical of other white nations and cultures.
  • LOL, let's just post this and close the thread instead:


    If you're a person of color and wish to start a thread to discuss how to portray white people correctly, or come from a non-English speaking nation and want to know the properties of Anglos, feel free to start one up.
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