My art for your words (Looking for a writer)

Hey guys
My weird schemes seem to work so here comes another one. I need a writer to take some of the workload off me. I realized there are some things I'm not good at writing (skill descriptions, ugh) and no amount of slaving over my computer is going to solve that.
This deal will also work for a layout guy (later on) and any editors out there.

So if you got the skills and you need some art but can't afford it, here's your chance.

Oh, my portfolio is Ravenkult


  • George, my offer to trade in kind for art on Horsies of Happiland is still open! IM me, we'll work something out!
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    Sign me up for 'will edit for art.' Whenever you get there. You like to drawart-up cyberpunk shit?
  • Is this for the Hammer Falls project? A hint of what you're working on and its scale might help. What's your suspected page count (50, 100, 300...) and percentage of that you want filled with your art? Your mention of skills suggests you've got some mechanics in mind, but how far have you gotten with them, or other parts of the game design?
  • Jamey, I'll catch you on gtalk.

    Adam, awesome, I hoped you'd post in the thread. I can tackle cyberpunk.

    madunkieg, I think you're confusing me with Pooka. My game is Dark Days. I've playtested it once, went back to the drawing board and I plan to playtest the hell out of it during summer. Still, some things are done and not subject to change (like skills!), so I'd love to get them done in order to have as much material as possible for playtesting. The rest of your post confuses me a little bit.
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    I followed your link and saw mention of "The Hammer Falls," so I wondered if that might be your project.

    You've answered all of my questions, save one, the size of the project. A 300 page book is a lot more to commit to than a 50 page book, but page count estimations are not precise enough to determine how much writing something will need. A 300 page book that is 50% artwork has the same amount of writing as a 150 page book with no art. Since you're the artist, you should have an idea of how much art you'll be providing. As a possible writer, I'd want to know how much writing I might have to provide to fill the remaining space.

    I suppose another way to ask it would be, what do you expect the word count to be? If you're familiar with GURPS worldbooks, it might be a usefel reference to know that Steve Jackson Games sets a 144 page book at 107,000 words.
  • Oh I'm sorry, I think you misunderstood me. I want someone to write a few parts of my game, not the whole thing. I think the book will be about 200 pages long.
  • Yeah, word count is a huge issue.

    I'd be happy to chip in depending on the actual time demands. I'm trying to get back into being helpful to people doing interesting things.

    I've done the journalism, PR, ghostwriting thing for a living for a while now.
  • I think that besides the Skills chapter, the rest is just bits and pieces, no more than 3000 words, worst case scenario.
    I have:
    Skills (descriptions)
    Some stuff on Madness (different derangements, etc)
    and possible some material on the fictional city the game is based in.
  • I'd be happy to chip in. I'd suspect you'd want consistency in tone, so maybe getting one person to do the whole thing would be better. Or you could give the skills chapter to one person so it is consistent, and spread the rest out to others who want to help.
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