[Stabbing Contest] episode 24 is finally up.

I am a procrastinating dickhole. I know this.

This is a fun show even if I sound like a complete tool. I recorded this at the Indie Hurricaine table at Gamestorm in Vancouver WA in March

In it you will find:
Carl Rigney
Leslie McKeever
Andy Henderson
Gilbert from PDX
Nathaniel Cole
Willem Larsen
$12 or a punch in the face
fortune cookies as a storytelling mechanic
sock puppet dick jokes
and, most importantly if you skip ahead about an hour, Willem discussing a new way to go about the pedagogy of play, me not getting it, and then the lightbulb finally going off over my head. Good stuff, Willem.



  • Hey: screw the next BW session. Demo $12 or a punch in the face for me. Fuck character development, I will powergame the hell out of this, because I want money.
  • I'll never give you any cash because you'll be all "I want teh monies, but teh dramas are too goods!"
  • It was great to see you - still annoyed the only game we played in together was Apples to Apples. :P

    All hail the Pedagogical Revolution!
  • Ogre, we need to get a bunch of people to go out for Chinese food or something and play the fortune cookie game for one of our meals at GPNW.
  • Willem, hopefully we'll get more play time in sometime this summer. Hopefully there will be go-play pdx at some point.

    Will, hells yeah.
  • Dude, if your actual play segments are that short and sweet, you need more of them, fo sho.
  • Now I gotta do that as a schtick.
  • Yes. You do.
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