[Camp Nerdly] Hoping for the Kindness of Others

Hey folks,

So, I'm going to be at Camp Nerdly at the end of the month (WOO!) But, since I'm flying from California, I'm trying to make sure I pack as light (and thus as cheaply -- 2nd+ bag fee and all) as possible. So here's what I need to know:

What do I need to bring as far as camping equipment? Sleeping bag? Blankets? Lantern? I understand it's in cabins, so I don't need to bring a tent, but do I need to bring an air mattress?

That's what I need to know. The other part of this is seeing who I can beg & borrow from regarding camping stuff to pack as little as possible. You would have my eternal gratitude*!


- Ryan

(*Which typically comes in the form of copies of Finis & sharing of alcohol!)


  • Ryan, this page on the wiki provides a list of things to bring. I don't know if it'll wind up getting edited later, but right now it reads:

    * A sleeping bag and pillow (You'll be provided with a bare mattress and a bunk in a rustic cabin)
    * A warm hat and sweater (It may be chilly, so wear practical layers)
    * A rain jacket (It may be rainy)
    * A spoon, mug and bowl (To cut down on waste)
    * Insect repellent (It may be buggy)
    * Flip-flops (Bare concrete shower floors)
    * A towel
    * A flashlight

    If you are coming from far away by airplane, let the organizers know and they can probably round up sleeping bags or whatnot for you.

    * Also: Pencils, paper, dice, a game prepped to run, a camera.
  • You also might want to follow up on the stickied thread: It was created for questions/concerns like this.

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