[Combat Diaries: Operation Overlord] Playtest draft available

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So what I was calling War Stories has morphed into Combat Diaries: Operation Overlord, and at long long last I have overcome my crippling procastination and general fear of suckitude and produced a workable playtest draft.

For those of you who weren't here for the thread about it last year, it's a story game about infantrymen during the Normandy campaign during WWII.

If you would like a copy, please email me at ogremarco@hotmail.com I'd really like your input.


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    Regarding the naming of Acts: Why not just split the game into Combats and Diaries? Since the players get more scene-framing control in the "Interstitial Acts" it seems appropriate to call them "Diaries".

    I can understand if that's a bit too literalist for your tastes, though.

    I'll have more once I've read it all thoroughly.
  • Either he's shocked senseless at such an obvious and elegant suggestion, or he is without words at the presumption that he didn't consider that already.

    Clint, I'll drop you an e-mail, but all I can promise is a read-through.

  • The first one. Wow, that's so good.
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