Meme: Nicholas Sparks RPGs

I got a little bored today and inspired by the ads on the subway, hacked together a couple faux Nicholas Sparks books. Then I said to myself, "Gee, self. If you're still bored you should do a gaming-related one." So I did. It was between Dogs in the Vineyard and Grey Ranks, and as this is Easter Sunday I opted for Vincent's book. Haha, I'm sure he loves that.


The format is pretty simple: box containing author name in small caps with the book title. In the background, some scenery. Go!


  • That's one phallic rock formation, I gotta say.
  • If it's a Nicholas Sparks RPG, though, shouldn't there be a requirement that one character has to fall in love with another, who turns out to be dying and/or already dead and only seen in flashbacks?
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