[WorldWorks] Gonna make me a die-orama

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Have y'all ever seen the paper miniature stuff at World Works Games before? I just bought their ExternalWorks and ArenaWorks and I'm going to use it to make a ruined overgrown city for my Shadow over Mystara game I'm running for Gameday later this month.

If you've ever used these, let me know how and what they did for your gaming experience.


  • LMK what you think of that kit and how easy it is to assemble. I've been ogling Shelldrake Manor for a long time.
  • Wormhole looks really exciting. Were it not for the company's panicked fiscal limbo, I'd probably be in. We shall see.
  • Hey Jarrod,
    Posted By: JarrodWere it not for the company's panicked fiscal limbo, I'd probably be in.
    Fiscal? Financial limbo? What's up with them that would deter you from buying Wormhole?

  • Wormhole does look pretty damn cool to me as well. I have ogled it and tried to decide if I would snag it. The fact that I have any cash at all is due to the fact that I suck at painting miniatures, and so avoided that foul fate of poverty. Cardstock minigames could run me out of room in the house, as I fill it with paper, if not break my bank (I mean, $25 is nothing for a ton of cool minis).

    I have a dungeon set from them that I got at my FLGS that was preprinted on cardstock and included as a Cd-Rom with the PDFs.

    VERY good stuff. I love paper modeling, so I am biased.
  • I just picked up Wormhole. Thanks for the link. Even if the game is questionable I can certainly use more space ships.

    But geeze. Did you see the pic of the control panel? I hope the game is amazing, cuz I totally want to be giving orders to my ships using that giant 3d muti tiered command center device thing.

    Ben, should make one of those for Bliss Stage.
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