Seattle meetup at the Wayward April 18

At the wayward cafe in Greenwood again. Looks like theere might be some Mouseguard.

8570 Greenwood Ave N. E. side of the street
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 706-3240

At noon.


  • Oh, I'm totally there. I'll bring my copy of MG.
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    Yeah, I've offered to run MG, so if folks want to play, that's on the table.
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    sorry, deleted post.
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    deleted post. Accident.
  • Bumped up for visibility.
  • Would love to do MG; hoping I can make it. Have my own copy.
  • Here's the thing: It seems all suggestions point to running one of the in-book scenarios the first time with MG, but a lot of people of course have the book, and have probably read these. So it seems best to come up with my own mission. Is this a really bad idea for running MG for the first time?
  • I ran one of the scenarios in the book the first time out, and it worked well, even with people who had read the book. I think you'd be okay making your own scenario, but you probably should still use pre-gen characters for a one-shot, as making characters can take a while.
  • I don't think the fact that we've read the book should stop you from running the scenarios in there. I'm looking to learn the system, and from what I understand the real trick to the game is figuring out how to work as a team.
  • Thanks for the input.
  • Arrgh! I can't make it today afterall. Have fun guys!
  • Posted By: John PowellArrgh! I can't make it today afterall. Have fun guys!
    Too bad! We did.

    Though we would've of course welcomed you, we were pretty full with a patrol of 6.
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