[Risus] Hellgirl and the Class of 2013 - Help!

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So, I'm running this game at the upcoming Gameday called Hellgirl and the Class of 2013. I'll be using Risus for it as I think it will lend to a pulpy action vibe.

But, I'm just not getting far with planning out some scenes that will happen. I will be willing to roll with the punches a little bit, but I want to have some "set pieces" determined beforehand so that I can keep the flow going and know how to pace it out so that it ends on time.

Your ideas can help! Given the premise of Hellboy meets X-Men, what kinds of set pieces come to mind? The characters I have created so far and the ideas I want to work with are listed below. The theme I really want to hit on is escaping your parent's shadow. Not only do I explicitly do not want the characters from Hellboy to overshadow the PCs but I also want them, in at least one instance, to better them in combat. Also, responsibility for one's destiny is important.

The school is a necessity now that the world sort of understands that there are a lot of supernatural baddies out there and that the BPRD alone is not enough. Abe Sapien is the headmaster of the school and is retired from adventuring. Hellboy has gone missing and Liz Sherman spends all of her time trying to find him.

  • Beth "Hellgirl" Sherman - She has her daddy's looks and her mom's fiery eyes.
  • Grigori Rasputin II - The son of Rasputin, he is as normal as a kid his age should be - except that he wields his father's sword and considers himself a hero.
  • Sybil - Saved from a witch burning by Grigori in the Russian steppes, she is a pyschometrist and can bind demons. She is in love with Grigori, but Grigori considers himself as more of a brother.
  • Olly - An Aztec (or Mayan?) immortal, he awakened when his destined bride arrived at his tomb - except that Hellgirl wants nothing to do with him. He has accepted this, but is having a hard time understanding the modern world. I had originally considered him a shapeshifter, but now I don't know.
  • Agent Strange - Recently discovered in a warehouse, frozen since the space age, a living shadow is symbiotically attached to BPRD agent-in-training Alyssa Strange.
I had a few set pieces determined. One was an opening scene in a movie theater where the gang was watching a re-imagining of Lobster Johnson as a WWII super-hero when both LJ and the nazis on the screen step off the screen and start battling in the theater! Another is the revelation that the living shadows, save for the one who has merged with Agent Strange, all live on the dark side of the moon. They are prison guards, and Earth is the prison of many supernatural prisoners. If this recent wave of violence doesn't stop, it will be considered a "jail break" and it will have to be put down.


    • It's P.E. and the PCs are playing three-on-three basketball (need an npc to round out the teams). Normal rules apply, but folks are encouraged to use their powers.
    • School dance is next week - everybody has a date, right?
    • PCs are at the mall when tooth fairies attack. Who would attack the mall? Or were the PCs the targets?
  • * The Science Fair - Always a great set piece for a High School game. All sorts of next-level oddity and something gets loose...

    * The Hell Fund Raiser - The band, etc needs to get some cash flow going and the students are assigned to drum up some cash by selling doo-dads and whatnots. Maybe its a garage sale from the bric-a-brac of their parent's old trophy rooms, maybe it is a book sale with tomes of ancient lore, maybe it is selling some sort of candy that seems to have a sinister effect on people...

    * Cheerleader Try-outs... "You better BRING it!" 'nuff said.

    * The Big Game - also a stand-by.

    * The Student Council - Thirteen of the brightest kids in the school make up this Coven of good student leadership. Why do they wear those sackcloth robes? Tradition!
  • The anti-witch mob shows up at school, wanting Sybil back. Regardless of how things go with Sybil, one of them will fall in love with Beth and another deem her a witch and vow to kill her.

    The living shadow will begin to taunt Olly's shadow. Olly's shadow suddenly starts responding and fighting back, without Olly's consent or prompt. What secret does Olly's shadow hold? IS IT ONE OF THEM? Or did Agent Strange's shadow somehow... change... it?

    The new girl starts hitting on Olly. Fine and good, but he's prophecied to marry Beth. Even if Beth doesn't want him... if he goes and denies the prophecy by dating the new girl, then he might break history... or upset the ancient mayan gods... or summon into being an Ancient Intervener.
    Also, the new girl has the power to make people disappear, and she doesn't like being snubbed.
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