[Camp Nerdly Three] Culinary Exchange and Swap Meet!

Let me start with a little background information.

I love food. Even more, I love sharing food with people. Whenever I taste something I really enjoy, I want everyone else to try it too. Sometimes, when I cook my own food, and it works out well, I bring it to work and share. I find that it also brings together people in a way that other social activities never quite actuate.

Also, it helps to have an excuse to bring my favorite semi-famous sodas.

Double also, Dave Younce inspired this when he got me to bring him some Blenheim.

Triple also, Kevin Allen Jr's breakfast ham is awesome.

As such, I'm heading up a Culinary Exchange at this year's Camp Nerdly. I want to bring foods and drinks and have people bring their own and do exchanges. Bring a personal history, too, and tell us why you brought it. What does it mean to you?

However, the participants are unlikely to know how much to bring. What if they bring one soda and see four they want to try?

So, would you participate in something like this? If so, let me know what you'd probably bring and in what quantities you would be willing to bring. Will your food need post-preparation is good to note as well. Finally, if you know of an item and want to request it of someone participating, speak up!

I can bring:
  • Sundrop - two or three refrigerator cases of cans; also able to acquire limited quantities of old-style bottles
  • Cheerwine - same as Sundrop
  • Blenheim Ginger Drinks- regular and hot varieties, probably two or three six packs of each
  • Moravian Cookies - ginger cookies compressed to heavenly thin proportions


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    I want birch beer from the northeast, as well as odd regional sodas excluding Moxie, which tastes like ass. I will pay or trade!

    I can get my hands on Moravian cookies, hoop cheese, or stuff from the Booneville grist mill - grits or corn meal, best you ever tasted.
  • I intend to see whether The People's Pint in Greenfield (home of Elizabeth, Julia, Meg, Shreyas, and Vincent) bottles for going-out-of-the-store their amazing homemade sodas.
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    Please * bring money into it - I think that a friendly tit for tat exchange system will work out best! If you want to pay, maybe pick up a chore or run a game? I'm asking, not demanding.

    PS I meant Moravian cookies and I forgot what they were called. Thanks!


    Excellent! Once in a lifetime (for me) homemade soda sounds awesome!

    * I meant, "don't"
  • That's very friendly and reasonable, Mark. (Assuming you mean don't bring money into it, as opposed to what you wrote.)
  • Heh, you're right. I meant, "Please don't bring money into it"
  • I hope this isn't just reserved for purchased local small batch whathaveyou.

    I have very strong and fond memories tied up in my great Aunt Rose's cheesecake recipe. Aunt Rose passed away many years before I was born, but her name lives on in my family through the recipe. My grandmother would make it often enough that she had the recipe memorized - yet she'd used the handwritten recipe card anyway. I got my grandmother's springform pan after she passed away and whenever I use it I can't help but think of that particular cheesecake (even though I rarely make it).

    I think Aunt Rose's cheesecake is making an appearance at Nerdly III. :)

  • Posted By: springI think Aunt Rose's cheesecake is making an appearance at Nerdly III. :)
    God I hope so.
  • You'll get your damn birch beer Morningstar!
    You really want Moxie?
    You do know it's like drinking cloves, right?
    Would anyone be up for some scrapple?
    I recommend you not google it.
  • Posted By: Jason Morningstarexcluding Moxie, which tastes like ass
    Where I grew up scrapple was a sweet, apple-filled dessert. You can't take my memories away with your Pennsylvania filth!
  • I will definitely bring some kind of British goods, but it might not be soda. I will drink all of the Blenheim if left alone with it for very long. Someone (Mark) bring limes and grenadine - mixed with Blenheim they make the best drink known to man.
  • Dave: Flake! Bring Flake! Textured chocolate just hasn't caught on here. *sigh*

    I would love to participate in this too. I might go with something homemade - a lot of signature/stereotypical Philly food (cheese steaks, soft pretzels) won't be so good after the trip. I'll have to think about this, but whatever it is, it won't require further prep once I get there.

  • Rachel - easy enough; i'll make a note of it.
  • Yeah, Flake, Crunchie, and Maltesers are the awesome.
  • Hey, everybody, what's going on?

    I am officially updating this to include a full-on exchange of stuff - a swap meet if you will. I'm thinking Saturday morning will be the main time to participate.

    Who's still in? Anyone got anything new to add since I've expanded it? I've got some games I could bring and exchange. If you like them, I've got a lot of anime LDs too ...
  • I'm bringing 18 bottles of Dr. Enuf.

    Dr. Enuf is super-weird.
  • I have purchased copious amounts of British sweets and a few other bits and bobs like Marmite flavoured cashews ans sweet chilli potato chips, and tonight I try to figure how to best pack everything into my suitcase without destroying it.
  • I'm bringing a case of Boylan's Birch Beer and a two twelve packs of Moxie.
  • So the amazing local soda only gets bottled if you bring bottles and have them fill them. Will that weird anyone out?
  • Not me, but I've been a bachelor for um...awhile.
  • I grew up with that arrangement, Rob! Bring it! I will trade it for sub-par but charming Dr. Enuf!
  • It's not exactly specific to my region, but as it is available in -every- grocery store in my area, I will be bringing Inca Kola, the national soft drink of Peru. As to taste, think fruity bubblegum.
  • I'll probably bring a case or two of San Pellegrino Limonatas and Aranciatas. No idea if those are widespread or not, but they're good.
  • Excellent! Again, I'll be bringing Blenheim and Sun-Drop. Maybe Cheerwine ...
  • Posted By: Nathan HI'm bringing a case of Boylan's Birch Beer and a two twelve packs of Moxie.
    Ooo! Though I'm not attending, someone who IS attending, if they were REALLY in the know, would beg you to bring some Boylan's Black Cherry soda. Or Dr. Brown's, if it's still being made. *mmmm*
  • I was wondering if there was anything I could bring to this that wouldn't be a complete let-down. Dr. Brown's I can do. I know a place, y'see...
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