Announcing XXXXtreme-o-phile Magazine!

One year ago, give or take, I published XXXXtreme STREET luge on a dare (link goes to PDF file). Shockingly, it was actually a fun game, and it's seen a fair chunk of play and love since then.

To commemorate that, this year (and possibly for longer) I'm going to be publishing XXXXtreme-o-phile, the official magazine for the XXXXtreme STREET luge role-playing game. The first issue is here. You can print out the PDF (two-sided), cut, fold and staple the magazine yourself. Alternatively, you can buy a copy at GameStorm from Joe, Ogre or Andy, or from me whenever I get around to actually making more than a few for my own uses.

Interested in writing or illustrating for XXXXtreme-o-phile? I'm interested in publishing you. See the publication guidelines inside (on the last page that isn't an ad.) I don't pay for writing, but I will give you the right to print, bind, and sell your own copies. I will pay one dollar for art, provided it is appropriate (additionally, you get the right to print, bind, and sell your own copies.)

Got questions about XXXXtreme STREET luge or XXXXtreme-o-phile? Send them by e-mail to


  • The link to this street luge game seems to have broken from all the XXXXtremeness.
  • Holy shit! Thanks! Fixed.
  • I for one, am glad you fixed that link because I can say with certainty that this game is not extreme, Xtreme, or even XXtreme, but is in fact XXXXtreme.
  • Posted By: whiteknifeI for one, am glad you fixed that link because I can say with certainty that this game is not extreme, Xtreme, or even XXtreme, but is in fact XXXXtreme.
    So it's now an Australian lager? *confused*

  • I think that's "XXXXtremity".

  • Australians have trouble spelling long words like "beer".
  • XXXXtreme-o-phile Issue #2 will make it's not-so-secret* debut at the Games on Demand booth at Dragon*Con 2012. Stop by to get a alpha edition copy*, before it's signed*. Anyone cool enough to respond here will have a significant* say in the production, up to and including what XXXXtreme color is used to print this special* issue.

    *Post made almost entirely out of lies.
  • Ooh can you leak the Table of Contents? I've been really aimless lately, sliding gently into a life dependent on street drugs and ice cream, and now I realize it's because there's a distinct lack of XSL in my life.
  • I make no promises! This is super-top-secret, as you understand.
    (But if you PM me your email or something, I can get you a sneaky spy shot with my camera phone)
  • Cool. Looking forward to this.
  • Issue #2, in which all awesomeness is collected, is ready for public sale.
    Take your XXXXtreme STREET luge game to the next level
    With the ONLY official magazine of
    XXXXTreme STREET luge
    Full of news and information, including the latest on the XXXXtreme Street Luge Kickstarter*. Also included, there could be wicked cool luge boards* to chose from and amp up your game*. With maps of courses that are hard enough to make your mom weep*. New rules for your deck and live action play. And a replay* of a great* time where people* famously* played this game*.
    --Ben Lehman, initiator of the XSL phenomenon*
    * back cover text almost entirely made out of lies
    The XXXXtreme STREET luge RPG zine.
    Second issue August 2012.
    All contents copyright their respective authors, most rights reserved.
    Table of Contents / Colophon
    ... 1 ...
    Editorial: Extreme Enough?
    ... 2 ...
    Letter Column
    ... 4 ...
    ... 6 ...
    Putting the XXXX Back in the Deck
    ... 8 ...
    Live Action XSL
    ... 10 ...
    PDF issue available for $1, limit three per person.
    Print copies* are available for an extra $1 shipping and handling.
    (International orders will be handed to our Street Luge Relay team. We make no guarantees of delivery.)

    XXXXtreme Street Luge Limited Edition Boxed Sets (including all the materials for play, custom deck, custom case art, and all back-issues of XXXXtreme-o-phile) available also.+

    * We reserve the right to select the paper used.
    + May not be available in your region. Check your local listings.
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