[Tristat dX] Does anyone have experience with Tristat?

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Does anyone have good or bad experiences with Tristat dX? What kind of games have you played with it?


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    Just in its BESM form. It was simple and fun, but I had to use a set of two fan-rules to make the game run faster: I can't find them on a simple search, but they were basically to allow you to do an attack in order to lower your enemy's defense for the *next* attack. Which is great in games where two high-powered fighters go head to head, where they can't hit/damage each other but once in 256 tries. Unless you were playing Dragon Ball, in which case that would be "Genre Emulation", but still.

    Anyway, my favorite incarnation is BESM 2nd, but without using skills. Skills added too much complication. If anything, I'd only allow the players to each have two skills, tops.


    EDIT: Here's a fan sourcebook: http://www.neko-machi.com/arpg/besm/besm.html
    EDiT 2: Oh crap, heh it's Ewen's. Didn't even notice.
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