[Game Chef 2008] Calling Donna K. Fitch and David Bove!

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So I'm in the process of revising and playtesting Spectre of the Beast, my Game Chef Artists First! 2008 entry, and getting ready to print up ashcans. Donna's and David's art sets were my inspiration for the game, and now that I'm working on making it playable and publishable, I need to talk to them about the possible use of their art.

But I don't know how! The Game Chef forum is dead and I never got their email addresses. I'm not even sure if they post on Storygames, but I don't know where else to ask.

So if You're Donna K. Fitch or David Bove, or know how to contact same, could you drop me a whisper or something? I'd like to see under what conditions if any, you're willing to allow the use of your art in my final published game. I'd love for SotB to remain joined with the art that spawned it, and if not, I need to consider my art direction from the ground up.



  • I think this is probably the same Donna K. Fitch: [Link}
    I can't help you with David Bove though, sorry.

  • Yep, it is; the Game Chef pieces are even in the portfolio section! Thanks!

    Now paging David Bove. . .
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