[GothCon] April 10-12, Gothenburg. Who's going?

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Anyone going to this local (to me!) Con? Maybe we can meet up or something.


  • Posting about a Swedish convention at almost a quarter past four in the morning on an English speaking board... and I'm here to answer you within 15 minutes. Man. That's... kinda sad.

    Anyway, yup. Going to GothCon. It's my present to myself. I'll mostly be around to play drop-in stuff and to run some games in the Indie Room as usual.
  • We're sad sad people.
    Awesome! If more people are going maybe we can have a small SG meetup or some such. I don't know anyone else who's going.
  • Counting you and myself I know at least 5-6 SGers that will attend. There'll probably be some more. There will be a bunch of people from Rollspel.nu where I've seen you around as well.

    For places to spot some people into Story Games you've got the aforementioned Indie Room and also the Kaleidoskop booth (the people behind Super Crew/Supergänget etc.) up among the stores.

    If you've got something you'd care to run, do bring it. I'm hoping for a lot of pickup gaming.
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    Running is probably not in the cards for me. My Swedish is still a bit rusty.
    I would love to talk about my game, ''Dark Days'' though.
  • God, I would love to go. Not even remotely in the cards, though.
  • I'm totally going, and I'm likely to not stray far from the Indie Room, so you'll probably find me there. Except for doing an excursion to get some Jeepform on. I'll be demoing my recently released Oskrivna blad and playtesting my current project Utpost. If you wanna play Dark Days, I could probably be persuaded, but you'll have to have some timing, as the time between my finishing a game and jumping headfirst into another is usually quite short.

    We should have a Story Games lunch meetup, actually. Oh, and make sure you go to the GothCon pub on thursday. Rollspel.nu/WRNU is celebrating ten years of awesome, and it's gonna be one hell of a party.

    Also, anyone going to Fastaval ought to reconsider. Just sayin'. The Danes ain't got nothin' on us. Except that they'll pay you. Damn.
  • They... pay? What have I missed?

    Simon, one of my friends up here is aching to play something SciFi. I'd be all over a session of Utpost to see if it's something to drag home and feed to my homie.

    Also, George, I'm sure there'd be no problem what so ever with getting a group that'd be perfectly fine with playing in English together if that'd shuffle your cards into a better position. Just sayin'. :)
  • Sounds awesome, I'm pumped!
    I won't be attending Fastaval, gotta be in GBG around those dates. We should definitely organize an SG meetup though, cause I don't know anyone and it's going to be terribly awkward.

    My English is probably rustier than Swedish (what language DO you speak George?), but that's definitely a possibility. I'll see if I can take my playtest docs with me, in case I can lure a couple of players into playing Dark Days.

    Also considering printing some of my art for giveaways. Bring your copies of Don't Lose Your Mind for me to sign! :P
  • You should definitely bring your playtest stuff.

    Saturday evening/night there will be a game making workshop in the Indie Room, you should be able to find people for discussion, demo or actual play there.

    (The workshop is also open for people who don't write their own games, we need guinea pigs.)

    Also, I am going to GothCon.
  • Posted By: DeBracyThey... pay? What have I missed?
    It's like this:

    The Americans are all culturally imperialistic and shit and go "I'm not gonna pay to go to Europe! USA IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD BITCHEEEESSS!!", right? So us Swedes are all "Yeah? Well fuck you, then!" while the Danes are all "Nooo, pleeez come to our misspelled festival. We'll pay your airfare, seriously! We welcome our American overlords!"


    Also, I wish we could also pay the shermans to come here. It'd be wicked.
  • Simon, that is the funniest thing.

  • I'm going, and I'm an... well, I'm maybe not much of an SG:er, but at least I exist here.
  • Having spent a number of years in Sweden, both as a kid and again in college, I'd sell my left nut to get back, even for a short visit. However, financially it's just not possible right now. So I'ma gonna hoard my nuts for the right time.
  • Blake, you should have thought of this earlier. You could always use the Fastaval travel fund, use it to fly to Denmark, then "get sick", retreat to your hotel and take the ferry to Gothenburg.

    Yeah, enough about Fastaval already.

    Debbie, I'd love to play some Utpost with you. I really want to try it on a crowd that's more story gamey than my current playtest group.

    Also, Blake again, in what way did you spend time in Sweden? Was it an exchange program? Just curious, since I was in a foreign exchange program with a bunch of yanks who came to Sweden, and on the off chance you were also at North Park University in Chicago, that'd be so cool.
  • I'll see you guys at the indie room then!
  • I'll be at the con today, hope to meet some of you fellows!
  • So, were you there? Did I meet you? Did I miss you? Did you introduce yourself? I was in the indie room a lot of the time, but I was often out gaming.
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    I didn't stay long and I doubt you met me.
    I will say us Swedes are the most awkward people on earth though. I went by the Indie Room. There were 3-4 people there, just sitting around. They all stared at me when I came in, except for one guy who kinda nodded. I said hi, he said hi. Then I said ''How's it going''. Two minutes later he said ''it's quiet right now''. Then I wandered off.
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