What have you done with the d6 System?

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Anyone here played using the d6 system? I'm thinking about turning to it for some Gameday fun pretty soon. It looks totally customizable to suit many settings.

Have you done anything crazy or cool with the system?


  • I ran a one on one superhero campaign with it once. It was quite fun. I found the system to be very flexible, perhaps just because I ignored large portions of it. I just made up stats on the fly for everything after the first two games, and it was great. Other than that it was pretty standard optimistic super hero campaign turned sword and sorcery adventure turned post apocalyptic battle for the fate of the universe stuff.
  • Other than ignoring rules, what did you do with it that showed it to be flexible?
  • Well, other than that I'm not sure it was terribly flexible, but I really liked the way that character points worked. Since I handed out huge heaping handfuls at every opportunity, they were in abundance and became sort of the driving force for action in the game. Basically, I'd throw wildly difficult challenges at the PC (there was only one for that campaign) and then the thing would be to decide how many CPs to use, etc. Also, the way you can get multiple actions really helped give a good flow, even though I'm sure it could be abused pretty easily by someone who was so inclined. One thing I didn't like though was how called shots worked, since once those rules came into prominence it was just an endless string of head shots.
  • I used to have a "generic" version of the rules I whipped up, which I used for just about everything for a few years, and it worked pretty well.

    I found the need to change:

    * Generally reduce the number of dice rolled (they take a while to add up). On my scale, 7D was "Legendary", and out of the reach of most humans. 6D would be an Olympic athlete. Most people in the 2D-3D range.

    * Change the damage rules slightly. High Strength characters are just too hard to hurt; low Strength characters too easy to kill. I ended up with a "Damage rating" based on Strength, but not as variable.

    * Critical failure was too common. I think I changed it to "when you roll a 1 on the Wild Die, AND all the other dice are 1s or 2s". Of course, this is genre-dependent.

    My favourite part was the easy character creation, and the fun, complex, yet easy combats. I allowed players to trade dice for initiative, to-hit rolls, and damage, and take a penalty die for each additional action. This gives a framework which is very simple but gives an almost infinite range of options for any given combat round. We got a lot of great action out of this.
  • Here's what I'm thinking will be necessary for the con game I'm going to run:

    Target numbers are a set total, not a one time roll total. A 1 on the Wild Die will add complications to success. Three 1s on the Wild Die means the task has become impossible.

    I'll need to read the rules more thoroughly and get into running some games before I can be certain that the rule is needed and works as intended.
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