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So, a friend of my brother went off to the peace corps and forgot to bring his copy of Settlers of Cataan, so he made his own. I admit, I am in awe, and it seemed too cool not to share.

-Rob D.


  • I love that.

    I made all the pieces you need for a game of Manhattan out of 1x4 lumber and spray paint once when I was insanely poor.
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    Hah, I guess I'm part of the club, too.

    Settlers came out when I was living in Japan. My friend picked it up when he went to Las Vegas on a vacation. When he came back, we played the fuck out of it. His apartment became a local meeting/play area,a nd we would ride bikes 30+ minutes or take the train to get out to his pad to play once a week or so. I went to buy it, and saw the price was like, what, $35 or something? Back then, I was like, "Shit, that's too much to pay for a board game, I'll make my own copy!" And I must have spent like 20-30 man-hours building my own copy, by myself, from scratch.

    At first, I was going for Japanese-themed. As I progressed, though, I decided to make it into a Dune-centric game (after reading the first three novels for the first time). So using art I found from the movies and Dune video games, and using the resources of the school I was teaching at (thin cardboard for tiles and cards, sheet-cutter), I made my own set of Settlers of Arrakis.

    I bought wood counters for the cities and roads and painted them by hand, the cards were hard high-class printer paper, and the tiles were all thin cardboard.

    I used the longest road and largest army (Sardaukar), and all the other cards were the same from standard catan just with Dune-centric themes (like the "1 victory point" cards were heroes/characters from the Lynch movie). The Ocean was replaced with The Deep Desert, and IIRC the resources were:

    Production (generated by Factories) replacing Clay
    Stone (generated by Quaries) replacing Wood
    Fremen Labor (generated by Creches) replacing Sheep
    Water (generated by Underground Caches? I forget) replacing Wheat
    Spice (generated by Spice Mines) replacing Stone

    And the Bandit was, of course, represented by a Sand Worm.

    I ended up giving the set to my best friend for his B-Day. I'm sure he still has it around (or gave it to someone else), I should get him to take a picture of it. I think I still might have the card templates around on my HD somewhere...

  • Has everyone seen the Cupcakes of Catan?

    Someone else did it, too.

  • Huh.

    Settlers of Arrakis sounds to cool. It would be even cooler if all the components were printed in German. Maybe you could fool someone into thinking it was a limited edition import.

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    That's really incredible!

    Do you have a Peace Core address we can use to send games to him and his unit?

    Im feeling impressed and benevolent at the same time.
  • I'll ping my brother and see if I can hunt it up.
  • Relatedly (sorta), do people know about Games to Troops? The magic number is 168 copies, folks.

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