PDQ# Character Sheets?

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Anyone out there have a spiffy and cool Character Sheet for the PDQ# rules?

Chadu, I plead to you of course, since I heard a rumor of a "spiffy" S7S sheet. Also, how is the S7S project coming along?


  • Coming really soon now, with a spiffy character sheet.

  • It'll be worth the wait. B-)
  • I sorta rolled my own using OpenOffice. Have a look: Link

    These are for a Sci-Fi game I am running for my group. The reason the Captain is mentioned, but not in the pre-gens is that the scenario starts with the main Bridge Crew dying and leaving their unfinished business to the hunted crew - who have to repel military boarders, sort out panicked passengers, figure out what they are being hunted, and find some way to get to safety as they drift through a war zone.

    The scenario is a take on a VERY poorly run Jovian Chronicles game some of us played in at a Con many years back (and we have a bounty on the GM that ran it, but have never seen him again). This is a "redux" with some major tweaks to remove the things that made the Con game fail. The hope is to put those ghosts to rest. Since at least some of the players will have played the scenario before, I have made some radical changes to the back-story to insure there are still surprises.
  • Thanks for the link. I just updated the link on my page for some slightly modified sheets.

    Great games, Chad, thanks for them.
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