Fight On! wants subs from you arty story-game types

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Hi there -

Issue #4 of Fight On! is in proof now. In a lot of ways it's our best issue yet, but there's one glaring omission!

Except for a couple nice pieces of art by Vincent Baker, we don't really have any contribuors from the 'indie scene' this time out, unless you count me. I think this is unfortunate. Paul Czege's piece in FO #1 was mind-blowing in a good way, Vincent Baker's piece in #2 was I think the best random monster generator I've seen in 32 years of playing D&D, and Jason Morningstar gave us a really excellent adventure for #3. I had a couple of you I was working on for #4, but nobody managed to get anything in.

There are several reasons I like to get stuff from you folks into the magazine. One is that I think it helps overcome prejudices (both against 'story gamers' and against old schoolers), and another is that it helps raise awareness of the magazine among a broader demographic. But really the most important reason is that a core 'old-school' tradition is that of homebrewing and doing new and weird things, or old things in new and interesting ways. Frankly, a lot of people in the 'indie scene' excel at that.

So, if you want to pitch an article, or have questions about the magazine, you can email me at calithena at gmail dot com, and I'll try to get back to answer them here as well. All the offers I made to various people in the past are still open too, we'll take the stuff if you want to finish it up. This would be something you would do for fun, ideally - a place for inspirations that don't generate their own games, perhaps. We don't pay (except in free contributor PDFs of the issue of publication) but we also don't ask for copyright or ownership, that stays with you, as do all other rights. All we ask for is the right to publish your article in the form it's originally published in in the issue it's originally published in in perpetuity.


  • For what it's worth, the Fight On! guys are very friendly, professional, and easy to work with. It's a really excellent publication.
  • Hey I'm an Aspiring Writer:

    Is there a place where I can get more information on Fight On! Can the OP list perhaps some querries that they would like to see, or content they would like to see covered. I know the OP said email them, but this is a general interest question I think. Perhaps others could help with this whole, what does well in Fight On.
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    calithena at gmail dot com or iggyumlaut at same.

    We're a fanzine for 1970's-style roleplaying, except that we take a very broad interpretation of that both content-wise and because of the old-school homebrewing tradition. Also anything that's driven primarily by fantastic content (very much including weird fantasy and science fantasy) we can work with regardless of its systemic origins.
  • Ya think my art could be a fit for Fight On?
  • Ravenkult, that stuff is pretty wild - in a good way! If you ever are interested in submitting some B&W stuff or even a cover, just drop us a line. We only pay in comp PDFs but people see things in FO!, I know at least a few artists who do stuff for us have gotten jobs out of it subsequently.

    I found this old thread because I was hoping to encourage people to submit some relationship map-driven fantasy adventures to the magazine, of any variety. We haven't had enough of that kind of thing lately and I know there are some people around here who know how to write them. Thanks in advance for any help people can provide!
  • Will do.
    What's the addy?
  • You could probably use a new thread Calithena, the year long gap in the middle of this one is gonna make is somewhat hard to understand to a new person.

    You have some submission dates and or submission guidelines/templates for those of us not so in the know
  • Hey Calithena,

    Are you still looking for submissions?
  • Submission dates roll around every quarter or so, the next one is in April. calithena at goawaybots dot gmail dot don'tcopy theseextraparts dot com.

    No real submission guidelines, except more interesting is better, or something like that. Thanks!
  • I hope to put something together for you.
  • Cool. We will definitely look out for it. The new issue is out now.
  • WIth issue 10 out now open, I have kind of a post-script to this invitation, which is very much still open.

    I keep noticing 'story games' which have affinities with the core interests of our fanzine. John Harper for example was working on something interesting a while back, and Vincent's new Apocalytptica game is very much in our general mold. And I'm sure there are lots of others.

    I don't know how 'modular' stuff for these games might be in terms of articles - although modular submissions would be welcome - but certainly reviews would be of interest. If you've written one or would like to send it our way.

    Also, issue 11 of FO! will be dedicated to Greg Stafford, so if some of you long-time nonconformists have old Runequest stuff or homebrewed Gloranthan mythology you'd like to submit, to get that particular 'old school' itch scratched, our next issue would be the place to do it, if you like the cut of our jib anyway.

    Until we meet again...Tell On?
  • I've never played Runequest and I'm only vaguely familiar with Glorantha so I can be no help there, but I've recently been writing up Old School-style mini-modules or adventure locations, if those are still welcome. How long should the submissions be?
  • All lengths are pretty much OK, although really huge stuff is harder to find space for. But we'd love to see the kinds of submissions you mention, so send them our way - thank you!
  • I hope you don't overlook Pendragon - that is Greg Stafford's masterwork as far as I'm concerned.
  • Greg feels the same way!
  • What about a way to storify Swords&Wizardry, or any 0e game? It's actually a simple rules patch; none of this modern-game-style frippery :)
  • Sounds great, Zac - send it along!
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