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Ever thought of adding something slightly different to make your PTA game go in new directions?

Imagine an oracle you drew from at the beginning of an episode. These meta-events would influence the show in a way you might not have predicted. For instance:

- Actor pisses off the directors and loses spotlight values for the rest of the season
- Budget gets cut and all SFX are off screen events
- Ratings slump causes writers to battle cancellation - all bets are off in terms of revelations!
- Show gets sold to another station, cursing is cut and violence is avoided
- Tragic death causes character to be written out suddenly
- Unexpected pregnancy of actress must be written into the show


  • That sounds like a fun affectation. I'd worry that engineering in the new twist would be an added burden that might not add much, though. It could go either way - maybe requiring the car chase to occur outside of a scene would fire people up.

    I know my crew would not go for it, because we play without any awareness of the TV-ness of it at all. There are many dialects of PTA and that is the one we speak.
  • Hi Mark,

    I've never played PTA with anyone who expressed an interest gaming their character's actors or the show ratings, etc.

    Do you play that way often?
  • I'm trying something like this at one of my Dreamation PTA sessions (Bleeding Hearts). I lifted it directly from a very well written scenario from a New Zealand con though, so its not my original thought/work. We'll see how it goes and I'll try to post how it went. Seems more in line with a comedy series, than a drama.

    (Grab me at Dreamation if you want a look at the complications cards).
  • No, I thought of it because I saw that a group of friends of mine were so pumped about PTA because they thought that the dual nature was represented in standard game play.

    As a matter of testing it out, I will try it at my next opportunity. The problem is, though, that unless I get a gaming group all of a sudden, I won't be able to try until Camp Nerdly. So, reader beware.
  • Interesting.

    We've done this kind of thing in reverse. Like, a character goes through a big transformation and we say, "I guess the actress demanded a new kind of role during contract negotiations." Doing it your way, as a pre-play constraint on the action, might be fun to try, too.
  • Mark, I think this would be better without the random emcounter table.

  • I've seen people treat fan mail as actual fan mail, deciding what the "fans" liked (not necessarily themselves) and composing, on the spot, often blinkered and dumbass fan letters, proposals of marriage, and other nonsense, just from the fact that the thing is named "fan mail."
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