Buy my art for your game!

Hopefuly you know who I am and what I do. If you don't, check out my portfolio: RavenKult

I'm in dire need of cash, so I figured I'd sell some of my work, a mix of old and new. I got the idea from the guys over at
So I set up a website where you can buy some ''stock'' art, at low prices. You buy a license that grants you the right to use the piece for one of your products.
To sweeten the deal, I'm offering a buy one, get one free deal. Just buy whatever strikes your fancy and tell me which other piece you'd like.

The website is: Darkness Calling

Here are some samples:




  • Thought I'd add, prices range from 25$ to 40$. Most art is color and can be edited to fit whatever your needs are (cover, half page, etc).
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    There was a problem with the shopping cart that stopped you from being able to finish the transaction. I don't think anyone encountered it since no one mentioned it, but just in case, it should work now.

    Also, any feedback on the website and the art is very welcome.
  • Hey, is this deal still going on? Because for some reason, I just caught on to it, and I'm looking at your site now!

  • Whoa!

    Hey, what are the dimensions on these images at 300 dpi?

    - Rafael
  • Deal is still on guys. Just note that the pricetags on there are already at their reduced price. I'm not making any huge sales but I don't want to lowball the guys over att so I tried to stick to their prices. The 2 for 1 is still on though.

    Most of the art is at least A4 in size (that's fullpage for you yanks), but I will personally cut them up for you if you want to use them as quarter or half pages.
  • George's stuff he's done for me is top notch. Can't recommend it enough.
  • I've done a bit of business with George lately, and it's always a terrific experience. BTW, George, check your PMs!
  • Hey Rafael, Jarrod, thanks a lot.
    I'd like to point out that I'll be only selling 10 licenses for each piece, as to limit the amount of products they appear in. No reason to oversaturate them.
  • The top sample, what is that supposed to be for a location
  • Hell if I know. Probably a hellish mindscape or something.
  • That's some cool stuff. I wish I had a current project that'd fit the style. I'm actually going down the path of buying existing pieces for Anima Prime rather than commissioning new ones, but that's a very different genre.

    Good luck :)
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