[Wed Box Hack] Cuffbewt and Ewic win! Huwway!!

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So I got together with some gaming buddies, we hadn't played together in a couple of months and we were looking to play a light, low-commitment game to get back into the swing of things. There were some absences and there ended up only three of us. We pondered games that work well or OK with three people, and settled on Red Box Hack. I'm planning on running it soon and thought it'd be nice to get in practice for that.

Well, one of the guys was in a mood: he had a case of the sillies that kinda cought like wildfire and pretty soon everyone was doing it, speaking in the same ridiculous affectation and making silly jokes and generally laughing our heads off. It was an uncanny blend of infantile and adult humor, wrapped around an attempt to replicate the plot of Blues Brothers. It looked a little like this:
Seth:We pwayed Wed Box Hack! It was vewy speshul!

Ewic da Fwenzying Fox was weleased fwom pwison and his fwiend Cuffbewt da Iwwusionist met him outside. Huwway! But Cuffbewt had bad news, da o'phanage dat dey gwew up in was bwoke! Oh no! But den Cuffbewt to'd Ewic about his pwan to wob a secwet map fwom da T'ieves' Guiwd, a map dat would wead dem to a undagwound wabbawimf fiwwed wif tweasuwe and pewil!

(I'm still pretty proud of the word "wabbawimf".)

Dey went to da guiwdhouse and Cuffbewt cast a iwwusion and mesmewized all da t'ieves! Dey bewieved Cuffbewt was da big boss Bwando and dat Ewic was his wieutenant. Dey got da map and weft! When da weal boss awwived, he was so angwy! Huwway!

Da map wed to a pubwic weww and Ewic jumped in! Spwoosh! Den Cuffbewt jumped in, wight on top of Ewic. Huwway! Da peopwe on da stweet didn't wike it and stawted thwowing things down on dem. Oh no! But den dey found da secwet entwance to da wabbawimf. Huwway!

Ouw hewoes expwo'ed a cowwido' and came to a fowk in da woad. Dey went to da wight, stwaight into da coiws of a gweat big sewpent! Oh no! But Cuffbewt cast a speww and it t'ought he was a enowmous mongoose! And den Ewic fwenzied! Huwway! Da cweatuwe was quickwy bwinded and dispatched fo'fwif. Da intwepid adventuwews found its tweasuwe (two jade eggs in a furry sack) and spwit da pwofits. Fwank be pwaised!

But by den it was so wate dat Cuffbewt had to weave.

(By which I mean, Seth had to go home.)

Fade ta bwack.

Da end?

Willem:But you fowgot da bestest pawt!!!!

Namewy, how Ewic deawt da kiwwing bwow to da giant sewpent!

He fuckd da sewpent in his eye-wound howe, wupturing his bwain, using a special stwap-on dat he had bwot fow just such a puwpose! Huwway!

How culd you fowget, Cuffbewt?
I've got some more sober-headed thoughts about the game and how play went, but I'll save 'em this has had its desired, horrific impact.



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