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So, I'm slowly developing a Final Fantasy style game. I've decided that chargen should involve rolling on tables for five pieces that will start the ball on defining your character (creative constraints). I like the idea so much (I'm stealing it from "The Magical Land of Yeld") that I've decided that there will be an in-game color attributed to it. Each of the five pieces will have a symbol associated with it. When done, your five symbols will combine to a mega symbol that will become your personal "mark" (like your signature) - you'll use it for spells, contracts, etc. and you'll have it tattooed on you.

Here's the thing, though. I thought of the five pieces but Im concerned with the last two I made. So, I want your help deciding on a last characteristic. Nothing's set in stone right now so I'm just looking for creativity. I can't really describe the flavor I'm looking for, but, in short, I'm looking for stuff for a magical, ritualistic society that pursues virtues, honors ancestral heroes, and is suffused with a bit of weirdness.

Imagine a magical, public ritual in a village or temple at age 12 that will determine your identity. The ritual would determine:

Category 1:
Astrological Symbol
Which constellation favors you? I expect to make up a dozen or so of these with their own myths and legends.

Category 2:
Favored Hero/Ancestor
Which hero favors you? This will be more of a description of the individual, the players will make up the final names and exploits.

Category 3:
Favored Element
Which element favors you? There will be a set of magical elements. This will determine strengths and weaknesses in the magical world.

And the two I'm concerned about:

Category 4:
Favored Class
Which (social) class are you destined for? This will probably be the one that will have the most political ramifications in game. Why did the poor dirt farmer's son get assigned to the ruling royalty?

Category 5:
What's your physical stock? This is the weakest sauce.

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