The Cursed Dicebag - A Vile Project

edited January 2009 in Story Games
For a long time, I have wanted to create a cursed dicebag in an almost Sauron-like manner.

The methodology will involve getting the following materials:

1 - A collection of 80 or more dice that have been proven to roll poorly on either every occasion or on every occasion a character's life has counted on them. Each die should have at least one character death on it's hands.

2 - To make a bag for the dice I want to collect friendship bracelets from failed relationships.

If these items can be brought together and forged, I expect to have one of the most evil games ever!

Whisper to me if you have donations and I shall take your evil from you and forge it - to the ruin of the free players of Atlanta, GA! Join me, gamers of the West!


  • Also, I will start a web page dedicated to the creation and use of the bag. Any donations will need to include a brief story of the material in question, to be placed on the site (so avoid anything too personal on the bracelets). I will be happy to protect the identity of any evil contributors, of course.
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