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So I went by the FLGS the other day and was browsing about the gaming section where I spotted a copy of Changeling. I decided to flip through it and learned the premise of the game, Faerie lords steal people away to their realms where they live for many years, some escape and come back to earth as changed creatures who no longer really fit in. Nifty idea but I couldnt really focus on the book because that little bit started an idea running in my mind. What about playing mortals taken away by the Faerie and forced to do their bidding?

The immortal Faerie lords are in constant war with each other, trying to profess their ethos as superior to all others so they argue and debate amongst each other. They are immortal and can not die but they are creatures of comfort and averse to pain so they pluck mortals from their homes, hone them as tools of their ethos and then send them off to other realms in contests against the other Faerie lords minions. It may be warfare it may be assasination it could even be as simple as getting someone to paint their house a certain color, The Faerie lords bicker and argue for as long as it takes, eons even, to settle on something that they believe is a fair test of each of thier ethos. Then they send in their mortal servants.

Trained for centuries in the timeless realm the servants are powerful beings with access to abilites no normal mortal could ever hope to master. They've been indoctrinated in their masters ethos but the process is incomplete, they retain free will since a Faerie lords ethos can hardly be considered a strong one if even his servants reject it. They set out to do their masters bidding but the tasks may often conflict with their own nature, putting in question who they will serve their Faerie lord or their own conscience.

So what I ask of Story Games is suggestions on what game system to use for this? Is there something out there that can be used for this and how would I need to modify or what would I need to do with the system to make this work?


  • Steal Away Jordan would be good. Or My Life With Master.

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    Hmmm. Do whatever is necessary to enforce a highly problematic ethos on people who don't agree with it?

    Dogs in the Vineyard.
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    I'm really liking Graham's suggestion of MLWM for this.
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    Posted By: Josh Robyenforce a highly problematic ethos on people who don't agree with it?
    The Dogs enforce their edicts on the faithful of those same edicts. It is only the fact that the communities they visit are faithful that gives them any clout at all.

    Well, that and the guns.
  • Thanks for the suggestions.

    With certain changes I could see MLWM working. I'd have to change weariness, self-loathing, and love for more appropriate terms. Overthrowing the master would be different since you cant kill a faerie lord but escaping his influence could work as a replacement. Detailing the master would be an obvious parallel and with a few changes should work. The only things holding it back are I'm not sure if I want the game as tightly constrained as MLWM and my initial idea had players serving different faerie lords and that they would at least initially be in conflict with each other, not sure how MLWM would work with multiple masters.

    What I would take from Dogs is a bastardized version of town creation for the different realms where the conflicts would take place. The people there arent faithful as Judd said, they are playthings to the Faerie's desires. The ethos of the faerie lord would apply to the characters and play would be putting harsh pressure to see if they stick with that code or rebel against it.

    I glimpsed at Heart of the Rose and Steal Away Jordan. I'm not familiar with either but they both look interesting. I may have to check them out for inspiration.
  • Vernon, although I love My Life With Master, I'm not sure it's exactly what you want. My Life With Master does one thing, very well, and it's My Life With Master. I don't think using it to play something else would work.

    Steal Away Jordan, on the other hand, I think is perfect. It's got similar power dynamics to My Life With Master, but the mechanics are much more accommodating to play going in various directions. Also, so many of your starting points are embedded in Steal Away Jordan: playthings to the Faerie's desires; escaping from the Faerie; how the Faerie "steal people away to their realms where they live for many years, some escape and come back to earth as changed creatures who no longer really fit in".

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