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Hello, everyone. Still working on my Final Fantasy love letter, Grande Finale.

I have five "stats" in my game. Five is an important number to me for symmetry purposes. However, only four of the stats are calling out to me. I need to replace my placeholder ("Luck"). Here is the vital info, in short form:

  • Passion - Fire, Drive, Impatience, the opposite of
  • Resolve - Water, Persistence, Patience
  • Cunning - Earth, Resources, Ingenuity, the opposite of
  • Grace - Wind, Divinity, Wisdom
So, I want this fifth stat. It'll be either this integrator of the above, the bottom of an abyss which crushes them together or a dissonance, something alien that surrounds them all. Either way, its going to be kind of alien and aloof. These stats represent the five internal characteristics to all my characters, and will be the primary sources of power for the skills that characters have. The skills are what the characters are able to do.

Any ideas? Please help!


  • What about stealing from the best and go with Void?
  • That'd be fine, but what Characteristic is Void? Should it be Alien, Exotic, whathaveyou? The name is important as it will help me define the Characteristic for the players so they know when to use it.
  • This thread really helped me clear up my thoughts. Maybe I should just have posted on my livejournal?

    Anyway, I've thought of my stat. Thread dead.
  • Dang. I was too slow. I was going to suggest Wood or Metal.

  • I too was too slow. I was going to suggest Love.

  • To satisfy the curious, I came up with my own word, meaning calm and weird.

    It's Xen.
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