Bay Area/South Bay looking for players for a D&D 4th story-game

Hey all,

I could use 1-3 more players for a D&D game I hope to get started. I'm posting here (and hope it's kosher and in the right place) before hitting the wilds of the internet and local scene.

The game will be a new setting that I'm labelling dark-high fantasy. Mummy empires, a boomtown mining the body of a dead god, two worlds crushed together. Enough of a base to get started, but a lot of the details will be fleshed out by all the players during character creation. The setup is inspired a good deal by the No Age For Heroes setting and Burning Wheel style world creation (esp. Blossoms Are Falling). Straight D&D, no funky rules (although there's room for story-games inspired drifting later, I want to start out of the book). I want players who are interested in telling the stories of their characters through play in addition to hacking monsters and thwarting traps.

I'm looking to start Nov 22nd, and aim to play about once a month, although I suspect it will average less than that. So, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you are interested, feel free to whisper your email. If you know someone in the area who's not here who is interested, point them my way. You can also email me over on gmail, username wildelf.
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