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I don't think I've ever seen an abbreviation without explanation come up so often. What the hell does AG&G stand for?

-Rob D.


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    Art, Grace and Guts. It's a game that Vincent's been working on that is encapsulated entirely on blog posts (no PDF, etc).

    The two things about it that catch peoples' attention:

    1) You roll randomly on a chart to find about 5 things that must be included in the game, things like Characters, Events, Antagonists, Items, etc. All must appear before the scenario closes.

    From that list, you find the explicit characters mentioned. The players have to play those characters. They take on those roles, and immediately begin playing against each other's goals.

    2) As you take on challenges harder than yourself, you write your name (multiple times even) on this "We Owe" list. You can cross your name off the top of the list to get an extra die (a huge bonus in this game).

    If the game ends and you're not on this list, your story ends. You won't come back in a later adventure (maybe as an NPC or something).

    If you're at the TOP of the list, you MUST come back in the next adventure. Maybe another player plays this character, but the character comes back as a protagonist.

    If you're anywhere on the list, you may or may not come back (up to the players when they start rolling the next scenario).

  • Don't listen to Andy's lies! "AG&G" stands for "Aggravated Grimacing and Gardening".

  • Gah. Is that sort of an intentional goal, or is it more "This is going to be a thing someday, but for now it's just evolving live?"

    -Rob D.
  • It's going to be a thing someday soon. For now it's just some blog posts.
  • Cool, and thank you. Good luck with it - it sounds like people are already pretty psyched about it.

    -Rob D.
  • It's fun in a bag.
  • C&C basic is already e-published, though.
  • Yep.

    AG&G doesn't have much real relationship with C&C, though. Only the element lists.
  • And just because it's a theme, C&C stand for......?

    -Rob D.
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    Cheap & Cheesy. Whole title: The Cheap & Cheesy Fantasy Game. My first finished game.

    edit: Oh hey, want a link? Here's one: the C&C pdf
  • Vincent, have you thought about the "physical properties" of AG&G? Page count, binding, illustrations etc?
  • I surely have. I have some illustration sketches going and I'm struggling with the text's voice. I hope it winds up thin enough to saddle stitch - I can't see why it wouldn't, but I said the exact same thing about Dogs so who knows.

    It may end up with a different title, too. Something else I'm struggling with.
  • Can you sell it in a polybag? That would be cheap and cheesy.
  • As loose sheets.
  • Only available as part of an oral tradition.

    Yes, you can hire Vincent to ship himself through the mail to your home, where he will recite the game text to you until you've memorized it yourself, and then he'll walk back to hippy country.
  • And a fine hippie country it is. Hey, Vincent, wanna come over this weekend? We can make up some games, drink some fine, fine beer, maybe play some paintball, play with kittens, and generally live an idealized existence. Unless you can think of something better to do.

    (This is only barely a joke. I moved back here because I missed Vincent and this awesomeness of Hippie Country)

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    JBR, that would not be cheap. I'm not familiar with Vincent's oratory style and am therefore unable to comment on its cheesiness.

    That does give me a great idea for the John Milton RPG though.
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