Worst. Game. Evar.

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Ok, so we've all had worst game ever stories. The original LJ post this is attached to is a fairly bad one, but is at least with in the norm for ass-tastic GMing. That said, the short tale offered in response has currently defeated all previous title holders in my mind.

So I thought I would share my pain.

-Rob D.


  • Wow.

    Just wow.
  • Holy crap.

    I've suffered a GM's red-headed lesbian orgy fantasy as a gamer, but it still don't compare...
  • The last twist does make this comparable to Al Bruno's accounts, though I'm not quite sure it's that bad. Of course, there's considerable doubt as to whether Al's accounts are real...certainly some strain the limit of believability, and his obvious hyperbole makes it hard to tell where reality starts and ends.

    Then again, I don't have any proof that this account is real either. :-)

  • Does it need to be? The response it got from me was real enough.
  • I've heard worse stories. But none of them were funny.
  • No, they don't need to be true. But then AB3 wins the title for funniest, worstest, and most mythically informative of all gaming stories. If you have not read his stuff, I can only urge you to do so. It's cathartic. In a "well, at least none of my games has ever quite been that bad" sort of way.

    You can find them by searching on RPG.net where they were all originally posted, or they're archived on their own (extremely slow, difficult to navigate, and obstinate) site here: http://albruno3.tripod.com/ab3frameset-1.htm

    Check under the link for "Rants and Reviews." Where you can find such classics as "RPG.NET rant #6 "Monty Python Mishaps In The Deepest Pit Of Homebrew Hell""

    If you don't laugh your ass off and constantly cringe reading these, then you've apparently been a very lucky gamer to not be able to sympathize at all with Al's stories. Even if they turn out to not be true accounts, what they say about the potential for some gamers to be...well "odd" doesn't quite do it justice...is simply priceless.

    "Stick of Pain!"

  • Oh, following up on the post just above, the absolute worst stories of actual gamer behavior, the ones that make me feel ashamed to be associated with these people in any way, are the all too common accounts of females trying to play RPGs where their characters are subjected to all sorts of indignities often including rape. And often perpetrated by the characters of the other players.

    The issues this bespeaks for the players in question (complete lack of social ability to deal with women foremost) are just horrific.

  • I gave up reading Knights of the Dinner Table when I started to cringe at every word.

    I'd moved on in my games so reading about the fight to get players through the blacksmith shop wasn't entertaining anymore.
  • Yeah. I read that sort of gamer humor now, and there's something sad about it.
  • Yeah. I'm with Larry, 100%. It got much less funny.

  • Most of my 'bad' gaming experiences I've left behind in the 1980's, along with thin leather ties and Don Jonson being prime-time popular.

    Kind of kills the nostalgia bug. Well, mostly.
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