[Duty & Honour] Victory is at hand! The proof is here...

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Just under two years since I had the idea of making a 'Sharpe meets Pendragon' game, I am extremely pleased to announce that I have received the proof copy of Duty & Honour.

D&H is a game about soldiers in Wellington's army during the Napoleonic War - inspired by the adventures literary and televisual of Richard Sharpe and Matthew Hervey amongst others.

Here are a few shots of the proof copy. There are a few edits and alterations to be made, but I am exceptionally pleased with how it has come out.





The game should be available within the month and will be officially launched at Furnace, a convention in a 19th century garrison in Sheffield, UK.

To keep up to date with the game and the ongoing support I have planned, check out the website at

Duty & Honour Home Page

If you are on Facebook, you can keep updated by subscribing to the Duty & Honour page

Duty & Honour Facebook Page

I'd just like to extend my thanks to the people of Story Games. Without your help, support and example, I would never have got this far.

God Save The King!



  • Rockin'! Any thoughts on getting this to the colonies?
  • We're planning to raise taxes on the colonies to pay for the initial printing. I'm sure it won't be a problem.

    Neil, I love the interior especially. Who did your layout?

  • Huzzah!

    Blücher would be proud.
  • And for those of us who always want to know such things ... what package did you do the layout in, who is publishing it (okay I know this ... Lulu), what fonts and so on?
  • Deep breath...

    Jason - I'll be sending a copy off the Fred and Brennan for IPR approval and hope to have it stocked by them. Its been printed so far through Lulu and thus will be available from them too.

    Graham - I did the layout.

    Gregor - Blucher would indeed be proud, but he would turn up late for the launch (controversial interpretations of history ahoy!)

    David - Layout was done using InDesign CS3 and images manipulation using Photoshop. Publishing is through Lulu at the moment. Fonts? Georgia in the main body, Ibarra for the flavour text and Edwardian script in the title IIRC.

  • Those are some badass looking redcoats you got there.
  • Oh, what is the size? Is it A4?

    And what is the page count?
  • 128 pages

    It is 'Crown Quarto', which is admittedly a strange size. However, if I said 'the same size as an Osprey Military guide' it would make more sense.

  • "Crown Quarto" seems strangely appropriate.
  • Neil, congrats on getting your book out. It looks sharp and the layout looks clean and inviting (that's a big deal for me!!)
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    Johnathan said:
    Those are some badass looking redcoats you got there.

    Neil replied:
    Indeed. The game zooms in on the swashbuckling, pistol shooting, bodice ripping, knife fighting, scarred and dangerous end of the genre as opposed to the cannon-fodder, quite-literal red shirts. Peter Frain, who did the character pieces, runs a tattoo parlour and heads up the UK chapter of the Drink and Draw Social Club and is a very cool dude. He's done me a load of stuff for the first couple of releases of the Almanac (my free pdf supplement stuff) and they are awesome. In fact ...


    ...is my favourite. This is Capt. Henry 'Judas' Lawrence, a man who carries both his religion and his guilt over past acts heavily. To find out more about him.... watch out for the almanac in late October!

  • As a long-time Sharpe fan (novels & TV shows) I have only one thing to say.

    I MUST have this game! :-)
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