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I've completed my first “Actual Play” recording! It's 2 hours 41 minutes, and it's a recording of our first session of Grey Ranks. My website is still under construction but as far as I know there's no other AP's of Grey Ranks out there so I thought I'd get these out ASAP.

I spent all day on this goddamn thing. My first complete pass-through was lost due to corrupt data (and of course stupidity on my part.) I had to re-do the whole thing, but here it is.

I know this is gonna get buried, it's damn near 3 hours long and it's late at night, but I'm proud of this little project and I think it's a sign of great things to come.

I broke it down into three files:

Part 1: 75 minutes
Part 2: 45 minutes
Part 3: 41 minutes

Overall I think the session wen't really well! My only real concern is we might not have framed appropriate scenes for the chapters we were on. As one player said “We're somewhere right between Schindler's List and Indiana Jones”. A game with this serious of a tone makes me sensitive to if we're “doing it right.” Still, the last hour and a half really hums and I think we got a strong grasp on how things work. Next session should be great!

Here's who's at the table:

Dan playing the 15 year old Xero
Brandon playing the 17 year old Yankee
CJ playing the 16 year old Diana
Kevin playing the 15 year old Skaut
Jordon playing the 15 year old Granat

Kevin Weiser
“It's a Walking Eye, Hank. It does... Walking Eye stuff!”


  • Thanks for doing this, and definitely don't worry about "playing it wrong". The first session is always a little dodgy.
  • Our main hiccup was with figuring out the right order to scene frames in, once we got past that things hummed along very nicely. We had another stumbling block with understanding the nature of the the reputation change. All the examples give 180 degree opposites, and some of our reputations we were having trouble figuring out what a good "opposite" of it was. I look back on it now and I think we shoulda just gone with whatever good reputation fit, and not worry about if it's the polar opposite of the original reputation. We got hung up on Slow to Stalwart, whether that would be a valid change or not, but now I realize that would have been just fine.
  • Yeah, I chose very obvious/binary transformations as a teaching tool, but there's nothing requiring that. I've seen people go from 'clumsy" to "respectful", or other non-intuitive changes, and as long as they are motivated by what's happened or what they want to happen (or both) it's fine.
  • w00t! My podcast's website is up and running!

    we're recording session 2 of Grey Ranks tomorrow, so i'll prolly have it edited and up by Thursday. huzzah!
  • kevin, congrats on your new venture. i'm downloading now and look forward to hearing AP on a real Grey Ranks game.

    I manage all podcasts i listen to via itunes feed and hope that you'll get set up there at some point in the future.
  • Double King,

    Yes, RSS feeds are coming shortly, probably by the end of the week. Thanks for the interest!
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