[Lacuna] Second Case

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Continuing with players from Our first case.

Second Session.

Target HP: Charles Daniel DeMille

The Agents were inserted into The Hotel, but each in a different location. Glover was in the lobby, Faber in a room on the 12th floor, and Carver was in the kitchen.

After meeting up in the lobby they decided that the Pool Hall and The Club were not likely good leads in the middle of the afternoon. So Agent Faber requisitioned a car and they headed to the Zoo.

A sprawling complex of gardens and greenhouses, the oddly named Zoo was lightly attended that afternoon. Mostly moms with kids and elderly couples.

The agents decided to head for a tropical greenhouse (based on the very weak clue that the Target wears sunglasses). Finding no one there they headed for another greenhouse. Agent Faber had gone around to the back and surprised an employee smoking a joint. They talked briefly and Faber discovered that the HP was not an employee.

In the second greenhouse they encountered three people wearing black and chatting on a bench (the HP favors black clothes). Two of the Personalities were familiar from the last case (odd!?) but didn't seem to recognize the agents. The personalities mention going to the club and gossip about others in their social circle. Piecing together what they know the agents determined that a)The Club is a beatnik/jazz/poetry joint and b)the HP moves in the same circles as these personalities.

The agents went to the Pool Hall. Sitting at the bar was Ivan Slovasky (a Personality from their previous case). They called control for some intel.

Agent Faber found a card in the car which read "I have some information you may be interested in. Call me 555-1234." Oddly, he could read it fine without using the writer technique.

The agents went to The Club. It was in a neighborhood with brownstone style buildings. The Club was below street level. The agents poked around, but the Club didn't open for hours. They looked at a list of poets and musicians but DeMille was not listed.

Faber tells the others about the mysterious message and calls the number. A heavily accented voice answered and they arranged to meet in a park down the street.

They met Ivan Slovasky in a very small park that looks like the kind used by prostitutes and drug dealer. He gave them a folder with papers from a police report about DeMille's crimes (the crime had been blacked out on the case file the agents revived). The report named an accomplice that DeMille had, Freddy Smalls.

[At this point I hand Agent Carver's player a note that says, "You know for certain that you're real name is Freddy Smalls. You have no doubt that the person named in the report is you."]

Agent Glover called his contact and he tells him that the papers are real. Glover asked if he knows Charles Daniel DeMille. The Contact said, "I am Charles Daniel DeMille."

The agents tracked the phone number to a rundown apartment building. Inside it was in a wretched state of disrepair. Many of the walls between apartments were gone and only the studs remain. They took the stairs to the 14th floor, there was no 13. Following the hall they came to a wild and surreal scene.

The entire side of the building is gone, as if bitten off. Before them is a black vortex spiraling ever downward. People flew, and if strips of paper caught in a strong wind, into the vortex and disappear. they had a look of profound sadness on their faces. All around the vortex other buildings were likewise 'bitten' off.

Charles Daniel DeMille appeared behind them and they questioned him. He revealed very little specific information. He did tell them that he was a former agent, now working for Miner. He also said things are not black and white. The last thing he told them before they tagged him was, "The Spidermen are coming. they always do when Agents are this close to the Lacuna."

Sure enough three Spidermen come around the corner and ordered the agents to halt. Agent Carver ejected forthwith. Agents Faber and Glover ran to the edge of the building and climbed down. They found an office in the building with a working phone and called Control.

[I have ruled that a person who is unable to make an access roll for themselves can contact control and request an eject. Control cannot force eject without risking permanent and severe psychological damage.]

Agent Faber called Control, but there was so much static control was absolutely contrary. They kept insisting that this was a private number and whoever was pulling this prank needed to stop. Faber handed the phone to Glover and Glover ejected. Just as the Spidermen were closing in, Faber ejected. [He rolled an 11 exactly]

We ended with over 21 static, everyone at their max heart rate (players and agents).


  • Great story, thanks for sharing!
  • Posted By: MountZionRyan[At this point I hand Agent Carver's player a note that says, "You know for certain that you're real name is Freddy Smalls. You have no doubt that the person named in the report is you."]
    Awww, yeah. Is this move now officially a classic? I think so.
  • Classic? a Lacuna Trope? No doubt. However, none of my players have played Lacuna before we started and none have read the book. Took him totally by surprise. He tore the notecard into little pieces and pocketed them.

  • Heheh. When I did it, the player decided he had been "cured," and refused to help the target. The other players sniffed him out like sharks on blood, though, and their post-mission reports were very critical of him.
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