[PTA] A game for new folk at PAX.

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So after the Geek Knights guys wonderful Beyond D&D panle at Pax, Luke Crane grabbed a bunch of people to go over to the gaming hall and play demos, Jared got some something together too, but I'm not sure exactly what as I was hustling up a game of PTA.

I grabbed a handful of people, only one of which had really seen or read about any of these kinds of games and we pitched a show and played in about two hours, maybe three, I wasn't really watching the time.

The show was a fictional show about a crew that was filming a reality style ghost hunter show "what was that? What was THAT? What WAS that?" It was called P.I.: Paranormal Investigations.

We had two hosts, one who was a complete bullshit artist, who was guided by the ghost of his former partner from when they were garbagemen, and the other who was a has-been actor who was a drunk, a slob, and a lech. We had the producer, who was in way over her head because the original producer had been fired, and she'd been promoted. There was also the camera guy who was an aspiring film maker and felt this show was beneath him, and lastly we had the ghost of an actor who had been the host of an "In Search Of" style show in the 40's that was determined to make this show fail because of his ego.

I won't go through the whole things, but definite highlights included:
-The camera guy deciding that filming this show falling apart and never getting on air was going to be his first great work, and then actively sowing dischord.
-The crew being chased out of the haunted toy store by the angry ghosts they were trying to film.
-A really terrific angry phone call from the producer to the mystic consultant of the show about them getting stuck in rush hour traffic for three hours and missing a shoot on her advice. The player who played that npc really made us laugh.

Mostly I just love introducing folks to this sort of play. I'm not interested so much in making converts, as I am in letting people know that this kind of play exists, and then letting them do with it what they will.


  • That's great, Ogre. How many players did you have? Did you play the pilot, or did you jump ahead to someone's spotlight episode?
  • You should have seem him when he was done. He ambled in like he just had sex, "Yeah, I just ran a game of PTA for some noobs..."
  • Why the hell did they have to make PAX and Bumbershoot the same weekend? I miss all the best gaming around here...
  • Haha! That sounds way cool.
  • Five players, and it was the pilot, and I am sad that we could not do a whole season.

    Luke, I always look like I've just shagged the ass outta someone after running a good game. It's part of my charm.
  • Actually PTA is my favorite game to evangelize story-games with.
  • Why is that?
  • It's hugely collaborative, it has a simple ruleset that bursts with color and flavor, and GMing it is more a matter of asking "what next?" and pointing and saying "I think that's a conflict. Do you?"

    This all comes together to make for a kind of fun that people find entirely different from what they've played before, but that they'll point to and say "that was boss! I wanna do that again!"
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