[3:16, It's Complicated, Bliss Stage, Giger Counter] Anime Weekend Atlanta Indie Explosion!

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September 19th - 21st, 2008. The Cobb Galleria Center in Atlanta, Georgia will explode!

OK, granted, not actually a real explosion, since I'm really the only heavily indy-games RPG geek on Staff, but that never stopped me from bringing the cool. Here's my current line-up of game schedule and premises, just as submitted for the site:


  • 3:00pm

    3:16 Carnage Anong the Stars - Heavy Load

    You are a soldier in the Terran Expeditionary Force, devoted to the cause of preserving Earth against any and all threats to her continued existence. Covered head to toe in high-tech Mandelbrite armour, carrying state of the art weapons and out among the stars instead of safe at home for your own reasons, only your personal strengths and weaknesses -- plus good ol' Terran fighting spirit! -- will get you through going face to face with the worst the cosmos has to offer: alien life!

    3:16 is a cutting edge lightweight gaming system designed to pick up and go, and go hard! Fast, agile and dangerous, we'll do character generation and then run through as many planetary missions as we can during the two hour slot. Given that character generation takes about 15 minutes at worst, expect there to be lots and lots of blowing things up, high-tech shennanigans and trying not to frag your superior officers.

    Site: http://gregorhutton.com/boxninja/threesixteen/index.html

  • 5:00pm

    Bliss Stage - Midsummer's Night Dreaming

    Right now, right this moment, right as you read these words, humanity is devestated by an alien attack from the edges of our understanding. It is the first blow of a terrible war. Seven years later, armed with technology you cannot comprehend and can barely operate, you will strike back. This is how. With the power of weaponized love.

    In the aftermath of complete devestation, how will humanity survive, reduced to teenagers and kids piloting giant robots made of dreams and love against nightmares who bind adults in eternal sleep? In Bliss Stage, you'll find out. Returning, this year the game'll move to a new city and new characters who live, love, die and dream of a better world -- or a lost one! Character generation right at the table or pre-generated, your choice.

    Site: http://swingpad.com/dustyboots/wordpress/?page_id=229 or live recordings of the GM's group at http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/23290 !


  • 1:30pm

    Giger Counter Beta - The Hungry Dead

    Nothing says "survival horror" like hordes of shambling, groaning zombies, the living dead, and they want nothing more to eat your brains! But they won't eat your eyes. In a small backwater suburb, you're one of the few people that haven't heard about the new flesh-eating craze sweeping the nation, but you're about to. You're alive, they're dead, and someone, somewhere has got to be safe. But it's not you.

    Totally new and cutting edge, Giger Counter is the system of survival horror. Share the duty of Director as you explore the build-up to the nightmarish horror of the undead unleashed on the earth. Lightweight mechanics, dramatic scene framing, and -- Someone. Will. Die. In fact, probably several someones, but death is not the end of your play! Build the map in-game as play proceeds and use every tool at your disposal to survive the menace of the hungry dead!

    Site: http://bleedingplay.wordpress.com/geiger/

  • 3:30pm

    It's Complicated - High-School Hellraisers

    High School is a crazy time for the best of us, but how much worse has it got to be if your parents are witches, demons, or psychics? Welcome to Public School 666, where the elite of the young hellions go to get it together, learn to keep their natures on the low-down, and maybe live through their high school crushes! It's Prom Night, and students and teachers alike are gearing up for the wildest night of the year. Can you keep your grades up while mooning over the cute demon in the front row? Can you finally ask the witch in the back of the class to prom? You'll have to work hard, It's Complicated!

    Indy game design as it's finest, It's Complicated combines a big paper board, coloured markers and a system that hinges entirely on quirky, dysfunctional characters and their complex relationships. With no dice and aggressive scene-setting, what you say goes in the game, but getting what you want is going to be much, much more complicated. Character generation in play and giant sheet of paper for the relationship map will be provided. No dice necessary!

    Site: http://dissolutegames.wordpress.com/category/its-complicated/


  • Sweet!

    Man, I wish I was in Atlanta that weekend.
  • Sweet!

    Man, I wish I was in Atlanta that weekend.

    Which reminds me, I need to get the latest Bliss Stage PDF before the show. :)

  • Yeah, I saw this on your blog. Everybody loves zombies! Can't wait to hear how it goes.
  • Hey! Wait... I'm in Atlanta. Sounds cool. I may have to make arrangements to attend.

  • Hey! Wait... I'm in Atlanta. Sounds cool. I may have to make arrangements to attend.

    You're lucky, in a sense. Typically, I do DragonCon as well as AWA, but this year's financials as well as the insanely stupid crowding from last year means that I'm only doing the latter of the two. Meaning I need to increase my gaming content of convention time to compensate!

  • Wow! Do let me know how It's Complicated goes. :D

    And dammit for me not being there! I've been itching to try Bliss Stage.
  • Wow! Do let me know how It's Complicated goes. :D

    I'll do my best to have a decent post-op report. Hopefully with a picture of the big 3ft x 3ft board I'll have printed up for it. I like props, big props!

    And dammit for me not being there! I've been itching to try Bliss Stage.

    You know, there's still plenty of time to figure out you want to come by and drop on in. I'm sure the satellite hotels have a room or two open. :)

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