Winners for 2007 Indie RPG Awards announced


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    2007 ?

    Oh, ok, I get it now: the price is awarded in 2008 for the games of the year before... just like taxes! :)
  • Cool. Grey Ranks is really deserving of all its accolades.
  • Many grats to Jason Morningstar! I look forward to trying Grey Ranks.
  • Go play Grey Ranks!

    Any news on that Diana Jones thing?
  • Grey Ranks won even the Diana Jones Award (sharing the award with Open Design /Wolfgang Baur).

    Congratulations, Jason! Grey Ranks is really the Indie Game of the Year! :-)

    Congratulation to all the other runners-up, too, in particular to Julia B. Ellingboe that with his very first game (Steal Away Jordan) got into third place as "Indie game of the year" (after Grey Ranks and Reign) and second place as "Most innovative game"
  • Grey Ranks, Reign, Blossoms, and Steal Away Jordan definitely deserve all the accolades they can get. Congratulations to Jason, Greg & Daniel, Luke & Co., and Julia for representing us so well.
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