Dexcon/Dreamation has a new location

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Hey guys, check this announcement out:

July 29, 2008

Double Exposure will be changing the location of its two flagship events in 2009, DREAMATION 2009 and DEXCON 12. Both conventions will be moving out of East Brunswick and into Morristown, New Jersey. They will be hosted by the luxurious Morristown Hyatt and Conference Center, right in downtown Morristown. The new facilities include downtown restaurants, shopping and a movie theater built right into the hotel's Headquarters Plaza, as well as lots of room to spread out at both conventions! Plus, the venue is convenient to public transportation, and has FREE Parking for all hotel guests! You can visit the hotel's web site at:

To celebrate our new plans for 2009, Double Exposure is proud to introduce a 2009 SUPER SPECIAL COMBO OFFER, effectively immediately. Until August 15, 2008, you will be able to register for BOTH DREAMATION 2009 (February 19 - 22, 2009) and DEXCON 12 (July 8 - 12, 2009) with Complete Memberships for one low price - $75.00! We are also offering a SUPER DELUXE package which includes both conventions, both T-Shirts AND the Wednesday Night Buffet at DEXCON 12, all for only $109.00!

Registration for DREAMATION 2009 and the 2009 SUPER SPECIAL COMBO OFFER is NOW OPEN! Registration for DEXCON 12 will open later this year. Visit the Double Exposure Web Site at:

Reservations can be made at the Hyatt immediately by calling the hotel at their main number (973-647-1234) 9-5 weekdays. The rate is $109/night, flat rate, with free parking.

Vincent Salzillo, President
Double Exposure, Inc.
Gaming the way it was MEANT to be!


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    Whoa ... after GenCon is past, I'm'a hafta get in touch with Vinnie and find out what the new digs mean to the IGE.

    Thanks for the heads up!
  • is this easier or worse to get to from nyc?
  • Looks like about the same ... you head west on 78, rather than south on the turnpike, but the distances look comparable ... maybe a little closer to the city.
  • Or you could take the train. NJTransit has a station, uh, about two blocks away.

    Also, hooray, this makes my commute to Dreamation...about ten minutes.

  • that it's trainable makes me happy. i guess technically the other location was too but since the bus essentially pulled up to the door and was the same commute...

    anyway, good new news. i'd buy the advance package but i may be working saturdays next year.
  • I'd be pissed they moved it away from me if I weren't moving away from it.
  • Looks like this adds about 30 miles for people driving north.
  • The locations sounds like a better spot. So that's cool.

    But it doubles our commute, which is bad news. I'm not sure what that means for us yet. Will have to think about it.
  • Posted By: JenniferRodgersThe locations sounds like a better spot. So that's cool.

    But it doubles our commute, which is bad news. I'm not sure what that means for us yet. Will have to think about it.
    We could actually stay with my parents instead of a hotel. They live about 10 minutes from Morristown. We'd be saving money on gas.
  • Posted By: Double Kingis this easier or worse to get to from nyc?
    Looks about the same from NYC.
  • Hey, this looks exciting! Trainable! Very nice!

  • Will this mean I can eat food at the convention now without being made to go hide in my hotel room?

    ... not that I'm bitter.
  • Holy crap, if this is two blocks from the train station, this makes it worth my actually showing up at Dreamation, not just DexCon. Getting from the tain station to the hotel was a $30 round trip cost. This reduces my round-trip expenditure from New York by 2/3rds. I wish they'd done this before!
    I could pay for all my travel expenses for 3 days by selling... 2 core books, basically.
  • Should I still fly into Newark airport?
  • Both Dev and Shreyas are from Morristown so... this is just weird. Great sushi there, though.
  • Does anyone know the most cost-effective way to get to Dreamation from Toronto?
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    It's also very easy to get to by train from Philly.

    And morristown is a pretty cool town, and you can walk around it from the hotel.

    If you're flying in you still go to Newark liberty airport (EWR) and take the airtrain to newark penn station, then switch trains to the morristown line. A little longer, but cheaper and easier, cause you won't need a cab.

    Jason - i don't think it's 30 miles extra, unless your going some kind of crazy way. It's only a little ways more north and west instead of east. I'll give you benifit of the doubt (you've probably done more research), but my near-by-resident-fu tells me that sounds a lot worse than it is.
  • Having driven to Morristown from both NC and Boston, it does take a while to get to since it's off many of the major highways, but it also avoids a lot of the traffic around the NYC area. It also doesn't take nearly as long to get to as where Brennan lives out in Washington, NJ, which really is in the boonies.
  • Thanks Kevin.
  • This is actually better for me, too! I can get to Morristown pretty easily. My wife actually works about ten minutes from there. Headquarters Plaza is a pretty nice hotel, and there are loads of restaurants within one or two blocks (including a great sushi place).
  • Posted By: Kevin Allen JrJason - i don't think it's 30 miles extra,
    I just followed Mr. Google's directions and that's what he said. But hopping on a train in Philadelphia sounds pretty tasty. Any idea how long that trip takes?
  • Posted By: Kevin Allen JrMorristown, New Jersey
    Holy crap. That's like 30 minutes from my ancestral home of Sparta, NJ. I fear that if I were to go to this convention, I'll be too overwhelmed with nostalgia to move. I'd want to go to the Rockaway Mall or something, and then it'd be all downhill from there.

    Unfortunately, no longer have any friends or family in that area: Everyone I cared about from Sparta/Newton fled that yuppie Cthuloid sinkhole by 1995.

  • Ha! Rockaway mall. Every weekend it was either Rockaway or Livingston. I feel very Jersey now. Oh, the dozens of cheap C64 games I bought on 5 1/4 floppies at Electronics Boutique . . . And the Headquarter's Plaza was where we went to see movies if we'd missed the good showtimes at Rockaway. A lot of really bad dates.

    I don't know. Nostalgia may force me to only play D&D red box and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at the convention.
  • <blockquote><cite>Posted By: TonyLB</cite>Whoa ... after GenCon is past, I'm'a hafta get in touch with Vinnie and find out what the new digs mean to the IGE.

    Vinnie says we can expect to be pleased with the new RPG space. Also, with the new February date, some event scheduling is going to happen over the holidays, so I'll want everyone's events e-mailed to me by December 15. Mark your calendars.
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