[Lulu, Hoard] Prrof is in. Is good, but one questions.

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My proof came, and it feels pretty damn fine to hold it. I think I'm going to swap out the cover (it's okay, but I think I can do one better). Otherwise, pretty nice.

One question for previous users of lulu, though:

The margins and gutters on the book... They aren't quite consistent from page to page; pages shift towards or away from center maybe an eighth of an inch from page to page. At no point does this run the text any closer to the edge or gutter than I'm okay with, or "ruin" the book, but it did strike me as not-quite-perfect.

Is that usual?


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    Shouldn't be--that's a fuck-up in imposition. Page creep (what hat's called) is supposed to be accounted for as folds (sets of 2-up, duplex pages) are imposed into signatures (bundles of pages that are later bound in order), so that when the pages are face cut (removing the outward curvature of a stack of folded sheets) there's no creep.

    Ask Lulu if they can confirm the "pages per signature" setting is consistent with the paper size that they are using. Odds are the printer "thinks" it's doing, say, 8 folds per signature when its really doing 16 (or whatever). Odd though... really shouldn't be possible to "break" that at the imposition stage of their process.
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    I've not seen that happen with either of the books we print through Lulu, Levi.

    Holding a proof really is a wonderful feeling. I like to roll all over them like a dog with a dead fish. I've said too much.
  • Definitely ask Lulu, Levi. I had a similar issue with FLFS, and that had bleeds, so the imposition issue meant some of the bleeds didn't make it to the edges of the pages. Not good. But I poked at them and they fixed it, no worries.
  • I shall check in with with them. In honesty, it's not nearly bad enough to seriously bother me, it's just something I thought was... odd. And not quite the normal course of things.

    Also? I swear, that box could have survived a nuclear exchange.
    Posted By: Jason MorningstarHolding a proof really is a wonderful feeling. I like to roll all over them like a dog with a dead fish. I've said too much.
    I rubbed my nose against it, to assure myself that it was really real.
  • I still recall my first pro layout and production job in which I had total responsibility for printer liaisons, for a company called BuildNet. Binder-bound books with colored tabs and a box/jacket. Ahhh... the smell. Seeing everything come together so perfectly (one proof cycle, baby!). It was something else.

    Congrats, man! You got me fired up to WRITE, just to get closer to that day with my first independent project that isn't for someone else's book!
  • Whoa. Their customer service is fast, at least today.

    Looks like the drift was a "make a print-ready file" thing, and easily fixed. He double-checked it, and the revised cover, for me.

    Wild. I have a book.
  • Hooray!
  • Posted By: Levi KornelsenWild. I have a book.
    That's such an amazing feeling. Congratulations.

    Seth Ben-Ezra
    Great Wolf
  • Posted By: Levi KornelsenWild. I have a book.
    Yeah, congrats Levi!
  • :)

    You go boy.
  • WooHoo!
    Congrats Levi.
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